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The Omega Podcast

The Omega Podcast
The Omega Podcast reviews many things in the Doctor Who universe and more! This podcast, based in Rochester, MN, is transmitted every two weeks... Make sure to visit The Omega Podcast website at www.theomegapodcast.org!

Homepage: http://podcast.theomegapodcast.org

RSS Feed: http://podcast.theomegapodcast.org/podcasts-only/rss2.aspx

The Omega Podcast Statistics
Average Episode Duration:
Longest Episode Duration:
Total Duration of all Episodes:
4 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes and 16 seconds
Earliest Episode:
28 February 2010 (7:49pm GMT)
Latest Episode:
22 September 2013 (12:46pm GMT)
Average Time Between Episodes:
10 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes and 58 seconds

The Omega Podcast Episodes

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