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Who's He?
Who's He? the Doctor Who podcast from a triumvirate of unlikely fellows who give you news, reviews, discussion and audio commentaries of old and new Who. Sometimes they get it right but mostly they take the word ramshackle to new heights!

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Who's He? Statistics
Average Episode Duration:
Longest Episode Duration:
Total Duration of all Episodes:
13 days, 14 hours, 0 minutes and 48 seconds
Earliest Episode:
18 March 2011 (10:38pm GMT)
Latest Episode:
4 January 2019 (6:55pm GMT)
Average Time Between Episodes:
7 days, 20 hours, 52 minutes and 25 seconds

Who's He? Episodes

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #12 I saw you in the Crown Court

    26 June 2011 (9:07pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 42 minutes and 22 seconds

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    After quite a few false starts, the Who's He? trio managed to get their act together and bring you an audio commentary for the third Doctor story, The Time Warrior. Marvel as Phil & Paul set Tony a little quiz throughout the story and shake your heads in disappointment as they shamelessly plug breweries in the vain hope they will be sent a few crates of beer. All this, plus Tony devises a system in order to remember actors names.

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #11 ...matters to you and me, but it can't touch Sherlock Holmes

    19 June 2011 (9:28pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 9 minutes and 18 seconds

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    As we are in mid series lull, the reviewing duo of Phil and Paul decide to travel back in time and have a retrospective of Series 5, starting with Matt Smiths first episode,The Eleventh Hour. They decide whether this is the finest post regeneration story ever and what they were feeling when this episode first aired (mainly trepidation and excitement if you can't wait). They also discuss the weeks main news stories, which are a distinct lack of Torchwood news in the UK and the next round of fretting over Series 7, where there was panic on the streets of Twitter.

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #10 Private eyes, they're watching you

    12 June 2011 (8:02pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes and 17 seconds

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    This week, the reviewing duo of Phil and Paul try to give the listeners a mid series review of series 6.1 without going over old ground. Go on, you try it if you think it's easy! Anyway, they deliberate over the general tone of the series so far and tell an excited public what their favourite and least favourite episodes have been. It's also a rather busy week for Who news, some good and some sad which gives Phil an opportunity to vent his anger on sloppy journalism. Again.

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #09 In my daughters eyes I can see the future

    5 June 2011 (9:50pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 59 minutes and 54 seconds

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    Well folks, it's here at last, the mid series finale A Good Man Goes to War and this week, Phil and Paul find that their roles are reversed with Phil liking the episode and Paul not so keen. However, they both discuss whether this was the massive cliffhanger we were all promised or was is it a bit of a damp squib and are left to ponder what will happen in the Autumn? Oh and the pair of them lied about the mid series review promised last week. That's not till next week, the lazy good for nothing swines!

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #08 And they sent us along as a surrogate band

    30 May 2011 (10:06pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 45 minutes and 31 seconds

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    In the second of this weeks podcasts, the reviewing duo of Paul and Phil air their views on the latest episode The Almost People. However, all is not well in the Who's He? camp as the pair have rather differing views on this episode and run the gamut of emotions such as joy, disappointment, elation, anger, happiness, resentment and er...anger again. But they're both friends again at the end. Honest.

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #07 You've been in the pipeline filling in time

    30 May 2011 (10:36am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 42 minutes and 19 seconds

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    In the first of this weeks podcasts, Tony returns to the fold and enjoys the wonders of the William Hartnell story The War Machines. The trio soak up the ambience of swinging London and fab gear, stuffy professors and government ministers (the squares!) and go Mike "Runaround" Read spotting. Phil also sets Tony a challenge to finally reveal what happened to Dodo Chaplet after her break in the country. But never forget, Doctor Who is required!!

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #06 You've got a perfect skin

    23 May 2011 (8:44pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes and 33 seconds

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    This week the Who's He? reviewing duo take a look at the latest episode The Rebel Flesh. Both Paul and Phil are not overly critical of this weeks story and the general view is that Matthew Graham has redeemed himself for Fear Her. However, being the picky swines that they are, they still manage to talk about Roger Moore designed acid suits and ropey CGI. They also discuss whether Dr. Who is or ever was too scary for children and go off topic more than once whilst losing themselves in childhood memories.

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #05 Mr. Sheen leaves umpteen things clean!

    22 May 2011 (10:36pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes and 4 seconds

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    After last weeks disappointing episode, the chaps at Who's He? had high hopes for the much anticipated Neil Gaiman story The Doctor's Wife. Well, neither Paul nor Phil were disappointed but did they think it was the story to change the face of Who as we know it or did they not get caught up in the hype? Also, the other topic of discussion is Steven Moffat who had a bit of a rant this week at fans who post spoilers and the reaction of the fans on the forums, which nearly leads Paul into giving away his dark secrets of the internet!

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #04 Tales of Brave Ulysses

    13 May 2011 (10:20pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 0 minutes and 55 seconds

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    Doctor Who and pirates, what's not to like eh? Well, not a lot according to Phil and Paul, who are less than thrilled with this weeks story as both of them turn into an overly critical Who fans, the one thing that Phil particularly dislikes and also manages to fit in two hearty aharr's for good measure. Good job Tony couldn't be with them again! They also take a look at the British press and their obsession with Doctor Who's recent viewing figures.

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #02 What are we going to do now?

    1 May 2011 (4:07pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 47 minutes and 56 seconds

    P Direct Podcast Download

    A complete disaster this month, as we were completely caught off guard by technical faults and had to substitute our planned commentary with the Matt Smith story The Lodger. So, sit on the edge of your seat and be prepared for 45 minutes of unplanned silence. We can only offer our sincere apologies and you can collect a full refund at the door.

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #03 Reducing the silence

    1 May 2011 (4:06pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes and 20 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Just for a change, a Tony-less Who's He? team review the quite brilliant opening 2 episodes of series 6, The Impossible Astronaut and The Day of The Moon and also pay tribute to Elisabeth Sladen who sadly passed away after the recording of our 2nd show. Not only that but Phil takes issue with fans who make up theories about character developments whilst ignoring all the facts and Paul struggles with a football injury!

  • Doctor Who - Who's He? #01 Absolute Beginners

    18 March 2011 (10:38pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 42 minutes and 56 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    In this, the first episode of Who's He?, the intrepid three show the podcasting community how not to conduct a podcast as the nerves come shining through as we dip our toes into the world of podcasting with the Tom Baker classic, Pyramids of Mars. Thrill as Phil commits a cardinal sin and misremembers Who!! Gasp as Tony forgets the "no filth" rule and feint with shock as Paul cheats and looks up facts in a book!! All interspersed with long periods of silence.

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