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  • The Oncoming Storm

    The Oncoming Storm Ep 199: Architects of History, The Girl Who Never Was, The Beginning

    The Oncoming Storm

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    23:59 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    For the one hundred and ninety ninth time, The Oncoming Storm is back to talk the best and brightest of Doctor Who audios! Well, maybe. There's some contention this week, and it sends the show careening off of the tracks. Again. But at least it's not about River Song this time! It starts off okay, with Josh, Ashley, Rachel, and Jeff talking about Architects of History by Steve Lyons. It wraps up the Klein trilogy in a flourish of time travel bendy-ness! Then the contention starts with the discussion about Charley's swan song with the 8th Doctor, The Girl Who Never Was by Alan Barnes. Bet you can't guess who didn't like this one! Everyone tries to recover to look at the 50th anniversary Companion Chronicle, The Beginning by Marc Platt, but has the damage already been done? All of this, and discussion of the big news of the week that... no one can agree on. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got so much salt, we put Morton's to shame.

  • Doctor Who: Whos On Target

    Doctor Who Experience & TARDIS Set Tour

    Doctor Who: Whos On Target

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    22:29 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    On 18th May, Greg and David met up in Cardiff to have a final visit to the Doctor Who Experience before it closes, and also had a set tour of the real TARDIS at BBC Wales Studios - listen in and see what we thought of it.

  • Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Whocast #344 - Atemberaubend

    Whocast.de (Deutsche)

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    22:16 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    Gibt es viele Dinge, die dem Doctor oder uns den Atem rauben? Nein! Aber diese Folge schafft es mit Sicherheit. In diesem Sinne wird "Oxygene", die funfte Folge der zehnten Staffel, heute nicht nur besprochen, sondern eigentlich auch ein wenig gefeiert. Mit von der Party: Mary in voller Montur und Raphael - Atemlos? Und fur alle, an denen es heute voruber gegangen ist: Seit heute ist das streng limitierte Mediabook zur deutschen Veroffentlichung "Die Hohlen von Androzani" vorbestellbar. Also schnell zugreifen, denn das Mediabook zu "Doctor Who - Der Film" war schon vor seinem Veroffentlichungsdatum vergriffen und wird nun zu Mondpreisen angeboten. Hier geht's zu Amazon: http://amzn.to/2q1lxJO

  • Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Episode 269: Oxygen

    Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

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    13:00 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    This week we cover story #269, Oxygen! The Doctor, Bill, and Nardole find themselves on a space station surrounded by zombies -- or so it seems, until they realize the real monsters are the space suits, and they're wearing them!

    QotW: Moffat and Capaldi are coming to the end of their runs on Doctor Who. Are you eager or reluctant to see them go, and why?

    So Here are the Things.../Listener Mailbag

    Discussion of "Oxygen" (David 8.25, Charlie 8, Trevor 8.5)

    Connor's Corner

    Big Finish: THE WAR DOCTOR VOLUME 04: CASUALTIES OF WAR 4.2: The Lady of Obsidian (David 8, Charlie 9, Trevor 8)


    • Trevor @WhovianTrev Trevsplace
    • Charlie @insanityinchaos The Infinite Longbox The Comic Conspiracy
    • David http://www.davidsafar.com/ @gwythinn MaroonedWhovian

    Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #270, Extremis! Please view the serial without . For our audio adventure we'll begin concluding THE WAR DOCTOR VOLUME 04: CASUALTIES OF WAR with the third installment, The Enigma Dimension. If you'd like to follow along, the boxed set is available from BigFinish.com.

  • Transmissions From Atlantis

    Episode 124 - Wholanta 2017 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

    Transmissions From Atlantis

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    12:47 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    JC and Rita are back from Atlanta’s premiere Doctor Who convention, Wholanta, with interviews with writer Jamie Mathieson (Mummy on the Orient Express and Oxygen) and actor Camille Corduri (Jackie Tyler). Plus they review Guardians of the Galaxy and THREE Doctor Who Episodes (Thin Ice, Knock Knock and Oxygen).

    Download Now!

    Transmissions From Atlantis 124 – Wholanta 2017 plus Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    • Opening
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    • Wholanta 2017
      • Interview with Jamie Mathieson
      • Interview with Camille Coduri
    • Doctor Who
      • Thin Ice
      • Knock Knock
      • Oxygen
      • Doctor Who ratings
    • Closing featuring Looking Glass’ “Brandy, You’re a fine girl”



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  • The Cultdom Collective

    Cultdom Commentary: Doctor Who - Oxygen

    The Cultdom Collective

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    06:00 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    Ian & Mike have lot's of fun taking turns with Dave's support air canister but complain when they realize it doesn't contain laughing gas! With fun over they get onto the serious business of recording this weeks commentary: Doctor Who AC/?? Oxygen (Series 10 Episode 5)

  • Doctor Whooch

    Doctor Whooch // Episode 113 // Nothing Bad Ever Happens In Space

    Doctor Whooch

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    04:50 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    In which Brandon forgets the word for "e-mail".

    Hey buds. On this week's show, Danica and Brandon are not cool with everyone being out in space again, and for good reason. Because... well, every episode of Doctor Who has danger, but space stuff usually involves murders and body snatching and that's not their jam even slightly. Also, Brandon breaks out his amazing Nardole impression, and it's preeeeetty spot on.

    Outro music is "Space" by Something Corporate

    Podcast picture is by GIRL NAMED SHIRL PHOTOGRAPHY.

  • Arrow of Time

    133 - Morals and Bleakness

    Arrow of Time

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    02:54 (GMT) - 18 May 2017

    Today I heard some tourists complaining, "Geez, if you're not careful crossing the street here, they will hit you and kill you!" I can't imagine where they were visiting from, because common sense says that you should always be careful crossing the street! It's sort of like going to space; never leave your TARDIS air bubble without looking both ways! As you may have surmised, this week we talk about "Oxygen." Spoilers, we go through a lot of it talking about this episode!

    Your WhoTube this week is “Doctor WHO Fanvid-Photograph (Ed Sheeran)” by Zimeng WU: https://youtu.be/AFgMsTkiqLg

  • Doctor Who: Whos On Target

    Oxygen review

    Doctor Who: Whos On Target

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    15:12 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    Oxygen by Jamie Mathieson - writer of the modern classic Mummy on the Orient Express, and Flatline - can he deliver for the third time? Listen to Greg and David's review hot off the press...

  • MarkWHO42 - The Doctor Who Podcast

    episode 182 - "When Amelia met Jamie"

    MarkWHO42 - The Doctor Who Podcast

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    12:53 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    On this awesome packed episode of MarkWHO42, the team takes a break from reviews for this special episode. Christian is joined by guest co-host Charles Martin or The Happiness Patrol and Space Javelin Podcasts to interview the cast and crew of the upcoming short film, Sundown. Christian and Charles bring on Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia Pond), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon) and BAFTA nominated writer and director, Ryan Hendrick. The team discuss their love for and lives after Doctor WHO, being on the convention circuit, and what to expect on this upcoming and beautiful short film. Help fund the film for perks at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sundown-a-short-film#/ Sponsored by 9.9 Comics, Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center LLC & iHeart Radio. #MarkWHO42 #DoctorWHO #DrWho #TimeForHeroes #Whovian #Sundown #CaitlinBlackwood #FrazerHines #RyanHendrick #BAFTA #Whovians #TARDIS #SecondDoctor #TheDoctor #iheart #iheartpodcasts #iheartradio #itunespodcasts #scifiradio #scifipodcast #scifi #bbc #bbcamerica #TravelingTARDIS

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 674: Main Range 225 Vortex Ice/Cortex Fire from @BigFinish

    Tin Dog Podcast

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    12:10 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    @TinDogPodcast review of Vortex Ice by Jonathan Morris In search of 'exotic particles', the Doctor and Flip arrive 700 feet underground, in a mine in Northern Mexico - only to run into a scientific expedition. Among their number, an exobiologist. They're all on the hunt for alien life! Deep underground, the team finally uncovers a cave of vast crystals - like ice, despite the heat. And inside the crystal: something frozen. Something trapped in time. If only it were something simple, like a monster. But it's far, far worse than that. Cortex Fire by Ian Potter The Doctor brings Flip to the futuristic city of Festin, the best vantage point to witness a unique astronomical light show. In a city governed by the all-powerful network known as the Cortex, they're soon identified as outsiders - nihilists, perhaps, responsible for a wave of terror that's been sweeping the city... But the truth is different. The people of Festin are burning up. Spontaneously combusting. And no-one knows why. Written By: Jonathan Morris, Ian Potter Directed By: Ken Bentley Cast Colin Baker (The Doctor), Lisa Greenwood (Flip), Shobu Kapoor (Sai Chopra), Orlando Seale (Dylan Argent), Monty D'Inverno (Jannik Woolf), Rebecca Todd (Khoralla), Simon Dylan-Kane (Halus), Eve Webster (Bav/ Cortex/ Enforcer). Other parts played by members of the cast. Producer David Richardson Script Editor Alan Barnes

  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Episode 137 - Team of Oxygen

    Doctor Who: Verity!

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    11:30 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    A proper space episode! Join Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we discuss non-zombies, evil capitalism, disability, and racism. Doctor Who was pulling no punches this week! What did you think of this ep? Let us know in the comments!


    Also covered:

    • Liz recommends King Charles III, starring Doctor Who alum Tim Pigott-Smith!
    • Lynne enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, starring Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan!
    • Erika apologizes for being totally wrong about the amazing make-up in "Knock Knock"--it wasn't CGI at all!

    Bonus link:
    The Incomparable covers Luna: New Moon

  • The Impossible Girls

    Episode #62: I Can't Look At Anything EVER AGAIN

    The Impossible Girls

    Direct Podcast Download

    10:58 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    Our "Oxygen" discussion episode!

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 671: TV DOCTOR WHO 2017 EP05 Oxygen

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    10:56 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    @TinDogPodcast review of "Oxygen" Charles Palmer Jamie Mathieson 13 May 2017 Nardole accompanies the Doctor and Bill to a space station to answer a distress call. Most of the crew have been killed by their smartsuits, robotic spacesuits capable of independent movement which are the only source of oxygen on the station, forcing the TARDIS crew to don spares. The suits received an order to "deactivate organic components"; some crew survived by being disconnected, but networked suits can transmit the command by touch. Bill's suit malfunctions, forcing the Doctor to give her his helmet to save her, exposing himself to the vacuum of space, which blinds him; he later leaves her behind to be electrocuted, knowing her suit hasn't the power for a lethal shock. The algorithm used by the company determined the crew were inefficient and thus too expensive to keep alive. He wires the survivors' life signs to the station so that if they die it will explode, making it more expensive to kill them, so the suits give over their remaining oxygen. Bill is revived, the Doctor's eyes are repaired, and the survivors return to their head office to complain. Back at the university, the Doctor reveals to Nardole he is still blind.

  • Zeus Pod

    ZEUS PLUG - Oxygen

    Zeus Pod

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:04 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    After a mini-break busy recharging our air packs, we're back with a hiss and a roar as Oxygen is consumed for your listening pleasure. Joining Jono Park this week is Rob Irwin from The Doctor Who Show, and David Ronayne from Beyond the Sofa. Also contains Knock Knock in 5 words or less, sprouts and a Regeneration Game that defies belief by being even harder than last week's. Oh and we confirm what's in the vault. 100%.

  • Who's Doing What Now

    Episode 53 - The Doctor's Daughter

    Who's Doing What Now

    Direct Podcast Download

    08:00 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    It's take your daughter to work day on Doctor Who! This week meet Jenny, the Doc's daughter/clone/don't think about it too hard. There's also fish people! Something for everyone in this episode.

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  • Geeklectic

    69 - Oxygen


    Direct Podcast Download

    07:10 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    Stephen and Andy get the jokes out of the way early on, take their protein pills and put their helmets on as they embark on a two-man mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, in an episode of the Coal Hill podcast choc-a-bloc full of speculation and a ridiculous amount of comedy for such a grim and scary episode. Amanda Rae Prescott drops by with another edition of "This Week In Bill", and our mysterious robot emcee gets some bad, bad ideas from this week's Doctor Who. All that, plus Andy Rooney on this week's breathless episode of The Coal Hill A/V Club. (Andy Rooney does not make an appearance.) (No, not even as a spacesuit zombie.) (Seriously, too soon, dude.)

  • Earth Station Who

    Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 157 - Oxygen - Earth Station Who - The ESO Broadcasting Network

    Earth Station Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:22 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    No need to hold your breath! Mike, Mike, and Jen suit up and review the fifth episode of the tenth series which begins with the Twelfth Doctor quoting one of the most famous lines from another sci-fi...

    Earth Station Who is a show dedicated to the culture around the BBC icon Doctor Who. Join Mike F, Mike G and Dave as we explore the 50 year history and fandom surrounding the Doctor With reviews, interviews and just general talk you never know WHO might pop up.

  • Discussing Who

    Episode 47: Review of Oxygen, Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 5

    Discussing Who

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    04:09 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    Jamie Mathieson crafts another stellar episode in 'Oxygen', the fifth episode of Doctor Who Series 10. Bill, Nordole, and The Doctor find themselves aboard a space station where they must spend the most valuable currency available. What happens when that currency is no more? And, what value does a human hold? Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford.

    About the episode

    In this episode we review Doctor Who, Series 10, Episode 5. This episode was written by Jamie Mathieson and directed by Charles Palmer. It originally aired on May 13, 2017. It has an appreciation index of 83. Rotten Tomatoes gives 100% rating for the episode, as of May 16, 2o17.

    About the Show

    Kyle and Clarence will host a Doctor Who themed panel at Southern Geek Fest 2. The event is May 20-21, 2017 in Hattiesburg, MS. The team will also host a Doctor Who themed panel at the Mississippi ComicCon. The MS ComicCon will be in Jackson, MS on June 24-25, 2017. Follow us on Facebook for details.

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  • The Old Doctor Who Show

    42: Black Orchid (Classic Doctor Who Review)

    The Old Doctor Who Show

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:00 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    Nyssa mets her identical cousin, Tegan gets a headband, and Adric stuffs the emptiness of his soul with a plate of scones in our review of the Peter Davison Doctor Who story - BLACK ORCHID.  Plus listener mail and Dan talks about "Class"!


    Outro music: Black Orchid by Martin Denny

  • Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast


    Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:28 (GMT) - 17 May 2017

    When you've run from all the bogey-men, the ghosts and ghouls, the shadows within the shadows, the killer robots, and the bug-eyed aliens bent on your demise, it's a reasonable assumption that the next threat to terrify and terrorize us is...rampant ... Continue reading -

  • Gallifrey's Most Wanted Podcast

    Gallifrey's Most Wanted Episode 008 -- The TV Movie

    Gallifrey's Most Wanted Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    21:22 (GMT) - 16 May 2017

    Gun fights, explosions, high speed motorcycle chases! It's Doctor Who, American-Style. But it's also the TARDIS, a Regeneration, the Master and certain people were starving for Doctor Who way back in 1996. Ross takes us back to those barren days and we talk about what is really, really good about the Eighth Doctor and some of what is not so great about Doctor Who, the TV Movie.

  • The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Episode #341

    The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    17:35 (GMT) - 16 May 2017


    Adam, Debbie, Kirby and Mary review the prequel to next week's epic three parter. We also have feedback and news.

  • Traveling the Vortex

    Episode 330 - Plot Holes For Days

    Traveling the Vortex

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:20 (GMT) - 16 May 2017

    In this week’s show we try and defend the latest episode of Doctor Who with a review of Oxygen. Take a listen and see if you agree with what we and some of our listeners thought.

    Plus, some news of the week, including some Big Finish Doctor Who titles recently added to online streaming service, Spotify.

    And, of course, your feedback.


    **Special thanks to Chrissy for this week’s episdode title!**

  • Who's He?

    Who's He? Podcast #269 A lack of oxygen from my life support

    Who's He?

    Direct Podcast Download

    06:13 (GMT) - 16 May 2017

    In this episode of the Who's He? Podcast, Phil and Paul venture into deep space with a full tank of air each and take a look at Oxygen, the latest episode of Doctor Who. And what an episode! Holding the mirror up to real world capitalism and racism, has Doctor Who ever been more political? And has the show ever taken this kind of risk with its lead character before? Find out what our intrepid duo think and also what you the listener think as well in our feedback section.

    And in the news this week, the sad news that Geoffrey Bayldon has passed away, the 10th Doctor and Rose team up for Big Finish and of course there is stats in Omega's Stats Corner!

  • Roy's Rocket Radio

    RRR177 Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space (1970)

    Roy's Rocket Radio

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:38 (GMT) - 16 May 2017

    Pop Culture: Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space (1970), Doctor Who: Oxygen (2017), Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge (2013-), Technology: #Technobilge is back with The Faff of the BBC iPlayer, Freesat, Humanx, PC World, and John Lewis, Firefox vs Seamonkey (Again), Bug Reports Bug Me, Hire Me! Creative: Writing Frenzy, Getting Work Frenzy, Is Podcasting Worth It?

  • The Blue Box Podcast

    Episode 257: The Oxygen That We Breathe

    The Blue Box Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    20:07 (GMT) - 15 May 2017

    The Blue Box Podcast - Episode 257: The Oxygen That We Breathe Brought to you every Saturday by Starburst Columnist - JR Southall, Lee Rawlings, Mark Cockram and Simon Brett.

  • Mutter's Spiral Podcast

    MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 129 - "Oxygen"

    Mutter's Spiral Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:54 (GMT) - 15 May 2017

    MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're almost breathless while talking about "Oxygen", Jamie Mathieson's stellar new story, the 5th episode of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO. We both really enjoyed it, and we will discuss what excited us so. Plus, we'll talk about where we go from here as we head into the big 3-parter (and perhaps learn who's in the vault?)! It's easy to see there's a lot going on! Plus, there's trivia and discussion of the latest name in the Next Doctor sweepstakes.

    Take a listen, won't you?

  • Podcastica

    Episode 91: Oxygen OR Tell Me a Joke Before You Go Go


    Direct Podcast Download

    15:31 (GMT) - 15 May 2017

    GUYS! GUYS? Did something just take the air out of the room or was it that surprise ending? What hath been wrought upon Bill and what effect will The Doctor's new condition have on the rest of the season. All that, Who News, the occasional pun, and plenty of analysis on this week's Podcastica!

  • Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Metebelis 2 #42 - Air Tight

    Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:00 (GMT) - 15 May 2017

    Ben and David heap praise upon the fifth episode of Series 10, "Oxygen" by Jamie Mathieson. A classic base-under-siege story with an anti-capitalist message at its core. Intro Music is a montage of "Where No Man Has Gone Before", also know as the them from Star Trek: the Original Series, composed by Alexander Courage and Murray Gold's opening incidental music for "Oxygen" combined with Peter Capaldi's reading of Mathieson's script. Closing Music is an excerpt from "Breathe" from Pink Floyd's 1973 album, "The Dark Side of the Moon".

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 672: Mark Wright Interview

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:03 (GMT) - 15 May 2017

    Longest @TinDogPodcast EVER 90 MINS! Interview with Author Mark Wright @mwrightwriter Mark Wright has written many audiobooks, short stories, comic strips and novels for world-famous characters such as ***Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures,*** ***Power Rangers*** and ***Blake 7. ***He is the co-author (along with Cavan Scott) of the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling miscellany, ***Who-ology* and its follow up, ***Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff*. Mark is currently co-editor of ***Doctor Who - The Complete History*** part work, and regularly contributes to the pages of the official ***Doctor Who Magazine*** and its sister publication, ***The Essential Doctor Who.* He has recently turned his hand to scripting the on-going comic strip adventures of the Doctor in the pages of ***Doctor Who Magazine*** and is having more fun than is probably allowed writing about his favourite Time Lord. A full-time writer, Mark lives i near Halifax. Mark Wright is a writer who frequently collaborates with Cavan Scott. He also served as a production assistant for Doctor Who Magazine beginning with issue 448. WRITER AUDIO edit Big Finish main range Project: Twilight (with Cavan Scott) The Church and the Crown (with Cavan Scott) Project: Lazarus (with Cavan Scott) Project: Destiny (with Cavan Scott) Masters of Earth (with Cavan Scott) The Companion Chronicles The Prisoner of Peladon (with Cavan Scott) The Many Deaths of Jo Grant (with Cavan Scott) Project: Nirvana (with Cavan Scott) Big Finish Bernice Summerfield The Kraken's Lament Counter-Measures Peshka (with Cavan Scott) Iris Wildthyme The Claws of Santa (with Cavan Scott) Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme? (with Cavan Scott) Iris at the Oche Destiny of the Doctor Night of the Whisper (with Cavan Scott) Fourth Doctor Adventures The Eternal Battle (with Cavan Scott) New Series Adventures audiobooks The Nu-Humans (with Cavan Scott) SJA audiobooks Wraith World (with Cavan Scott) NOVELS New Worlds Project: Valhalla (with Cavan Scott) SHORT STORIES Short Trips Light at the End of the Tunnel (in Short Trips: Steel Skies) Mortlake (in Short Trips: Past Tense) ...Be Forgot (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury) That Which Went Away (in Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins) Faithful Friends: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas) Twilight's End (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: Defining Patterns) Priceless Junk (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: Indefinable Magic) Big Finish Bernice Summerfield Christmas Spirit (with Cavan Scott, in The Dead Men Diaries) The Crystal Flower (with Cavan Scott, in Life During Wartime) Benny and Louise (with Cavan Scott, in Missing Adventures) Iris Wildthyme The Unhappy Medium (with Cavan Scott, in Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus) Iris Wildthyme and the Colonic in Space (with Cavan Scott, in Iris: Abroad) Project: Wildthyme (with Cavan Scott, in Iris: Fifteen) BBC website The Feast of the Stone (with Cavan Scott) The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who Sunset Over Venus COMICS Project: Longinus Project: Longinus (with Cavan Scott) The Dream (with Cavan Scott) Bullies (with Cavan Scott) Doctor Who Magazine Space Invaders! The Highgate Horror The Pestilent Heart Moving In Bloodsport Be Forgot Doorway to Hell Doctor Who Adventures The Purrfect Crime REFERENCES BOOKS Who-ology: The Official Miscellany (with Cavan Scott) The Quotable Doctor Who - Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff (with Cavan Scott) ACTOR BIG FINISH DOCTOR WHO AUDIO STORIES The Fearmonger - Stephen Keyser The Eye of the Scorpion - Slave Project: Twilight - Mr Deeks The One Doctor - Guard Real Time - Dean DOCTOR WHO UNBOUND Sympathy for the Devil - Marcus BERNICE SUMMERFIELD The Kraken's Lament - Shopper

  • DWBRcast

    DWBRcast 59 - De tirar o folego! Nosso review de Oxygen!


    Direct Podcast Download

    00:27 (GMT) - 15 May 2017

    Nao foi so o folego que foi perdido nesse episodio!

    The post DWBRcast 59 – De tirar o folego! Nosso review de Oxygen! appeared first on Doctor Who Brasil.

  • The TARDIS Tavern

    Episode 162: DFW Whofest and an Evening with Mark Strickson

    The TARDIS Tavern

    Direct Podcast Download

    23:29 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    Seeing that the time had lapsed on those temporary restraining orders, we ventured outside our homes once again and attended another convention, DFW Whofest 4 in Dallas. This episode we talk about some of our experiences with friends as well as guests at the convention, followed by a recording of the "TARDIS Tavern Live" in which we were permitted to spend an hour with Mark Strickson (he's the one who played Turlough during the Fifth Doctor era) under close supervision of hotel security. Listen in as we wax nostalgic about the highs and lows of the weekend!

    Feel free to email us at tardistavern@gmail.com, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and join our popular Facebook page!

  • Doctor Who Target Files

    Episode 33 Oxygen Review

    Doctor Who Target Files

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:09 (GMT) - 14 May 2017


  • Radio Free Skaro

    Radio Free Skaro #582 - Every Breath You Take

    Radio Free Skaro

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:00 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    It's that most wondrous time of the year again, Base Under Siege-mas, in the form of Jamie Mathieson's anti-corporate not-zombie saga "Oxygen"! What did the Three Who Rule think? Listen and find out, before their oxygen credits are depleted and they're sucked into the cold, meaningless vacuum!


    - Episode 5 - "Oxygen"
    - "Thin Ice" final ratings
    - Knock Knock AI rating - 83
    - "The Pyramid at The End of the World" synopsis
    - Geoffrey Bayldon (1923-2017)

  • Trust Your Doctor

    Audio Ep. 7: Card Playing Alien

    Trust Your Doctor

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:57 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    Daleks are probably pretty bad card-players.

    This week Mark Gatiss returns to the podcast. Sort of. I mean, he’s not a guest or anything, he’s just written another story that we’re reviewing, which mean’s he’s the first writer to cross mediums for us. It’s Phantasmagoria, written by Mark Gatiss and released in October 1999. Phantasmagoria can be purchased for $3 (or your local equivalent) on Big Finish's website.

    1:24 Here is more info about false memories. Careful when looking up Berenstein/stain Bears info, people have been known to go missing after they found out too much.
    4:56 Rounders was invented in 1760 by a group of disgruntled parakeets who were fed up with the lack of rounders in their society. It has since become one of the most well-known vegetables of all time, and is on display at the museum of natural history in New York, New York, USA.
    6:55 RINGS.
    9:11 He was an orange.
    24:08 Here’s the video if you’re interested, which you shouldn’t be, cause it’s terrifying. I see it every time I blink now.

    Doctor Who (c) The BBC
    Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
    The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Peter Howell.

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  • The Krynoid Podcast

    093: The Macra Terror

    The Krynoid Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:22 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    "No-one on the Colony believes in Macra! There is no such thing as Macra! Macra do not exist! There are no Macra!!"

    Well maybe stop going on about them so much then?

    He's right though. This colony is lovely - except for the brainwashing, harrowing jingles, cheerless cheerleading, occupational hazards and the ministrations of hit security group, Ola and the Bootboys, that is.

    Oh and the Macra, of course. Not that there are any Macra. Or are there...?

    Well, yes there are, as the name of the story implies, and they're a crabby (and shouty) bunch of crustaceans, with their grubby pincers on the reins of power within the colony. Meanwhile, Ben goes over to the dark side, Polly gets a haircut, Jamie has a fling and the Doctor has a problem with excess gas.

    But did Jim and Martin give The Macra Terror 11 out of 10? Or did it just wash over their brains?

    Find out here.

  • Flight Through Entirety: A Doctor Who Podcast

    Episode 110: The Demeter Seed Game

    Flight Through Entirety: A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:46 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    After the stressful events of last week, we've decided to treat ourselves to a luxury cruise. Brendan's working out in a pink tracksuit, Todd's playing Galaxian and terrorising the waitress, and Nathan's hanging around the communications room with an axe. And, in order to protect a secret hidden on the space liner, one of us will become a murderer. And there are Vervoids, of course.

    Buy the story!

    Terror of the Vervoids was (again) released as part of the Trial of a Time Lord box set in 2008/2009. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

    Notes and links

    Originally considered for this slot in the Trial was a story called Paradise 5, by P J Hammond. It has since been adapted for audio by Big Finish as part of its Lost Stories range.

    Michael Craig, who is this story's Beryl Reid, later went on to star as Dr William Sharp in the ABC drama series GP, set in a medical practice in inner-city Sydney.

    This story has no Script Editor credit at all, because Eric Saward has ragequit the show. So let's link to his pungent Starburst interview one more time.

    Here's are some future Colin Baker stories that the Doctor probably should have chosen to present as evidence instead: The Marian Conspiracy, Arrangements for War and The One Doctor. (More of which later.)

    Bonnie Langford brings a dark past to her time on the show. She played Violet Elizabeth Bott in the Just William television series in 1976 and 1977. You can see some of her very early work here. (Don't skip this one. You really need to click on that link.)

    You can find a detailed account of Noel Coward's cruel remarks about Bonnie Langford here, including another quip that we didn't mention.

    Sciencey murderer Doland is played by Malcolm Tierney, who played horrific northern Tory Patrick Woolton in the original British House of Cards (1990).

    The Brink of Death

    The Colin Baker Era is about to meet an untimely end, but Colin's Sixth Doctor lives on very successfully in the Big Finish audios. So to round out our appreciation of the era, we're planning a Very Special Episode in which we discuss some of Colin's audio highlights.

    If you want to prepare for this episode, here are the stories you should listen to.

    • Jubilee, by Rob Shearman.
    • The One Doctor, by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman.
    • Doctor Who and the Pirates, by Jacqueline Rayner.
    • The Brink of Death, by Nicholas Briggs, the final story in The Last Adventure box set.
    He just likes to irritate people

    There's still time for you to vote for a Tom Baker story for the four of us to talk all over for our next commentary episode. Just pop over to last week's shownotes and cast your vote.

    Follow us!

    Brendan is on Twitter as @critiqaltheory, Nathan is @nathanbottomley, Todd is @toddbeilby, and Richard is @RichardLStone. The Flight Through Entirety theme was arranged by Cameron Lam. You can follow the podcast on Twitter at @FTEpodcast.

    We're also on Facebook, and you can check out our website at flightthroughentirety.com. Please consider rating or reviewing us on iTunes, or we'll break into your hotel bathroom while you're out and fart copiously in the shower.


    Over on Bondfinger, we've already dusted off the Nintendo 64 in preparation for the Piers Brosnan era. In the meantime, you can still catch up on our commentaries on both films of the Timothy Dalton era.

    Of course, we also have plenty of Rodgecasts online, and there are other Bonds available, as well. You can keep up with all the Bondfinger news on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Staggering Stories Podcast

    Staggering Stories Commentary #191: Doctor Who - The Pilot

    Staggering Stories Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:46 (GMT) - 14 May 2017


    Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins and Keith Dunn sit down, puddled, in front of the 2017 Doctor Who S10 premiere episode, ‘The Pilot’, and spout our usual nonsense!

    This Doctor is a lecturing security guard, Bill is fattening up the locals and Heather has a very moist fixation. But enough of their problems, please sit down with us to enjoy The Pilot...

    Vital Links:

    • Staggering Stories.
    • BBC: Doctor Who.
    • BBC: Doctor Who – The Pilot.
    • Wikipedia: Doctor Who – The Pilot.
    • Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.
    • Facebook: Staggering Stories Group.

  • Feexby

    10.05 - Oxygen


    Direct Podcast Download

    07:38 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    Series ten, episode five. The episode called oxygen, to which we can only say "O!"

    Join @Feexby23 and @Loll73 as we blah on endlessly about how bloody good Doctor Who is at the moment.

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  • The Doctor Who Show

    S10E05 Oxygen (Doctor Who Series 10)

    The Doctor Who Show

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:54 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    'Space - the final frontier. Final because it wants to kill us.' Trapped on a space station with no oxygen, the Doctor, Bill and Nardole are horrified to discover the automated spacesuits keeping them alive are also trying to kill them!

    Rob and Dave sit down to discuss the episode.

    What did you think? Email us: hello@theDWshow.net

  • Doctor Who: Fifty Years Ago

    Episode 35: The Faceless Ones Episode 5: Contrasts

    Doctor Who: Fifty Years Ago

    Direct Podcast Download

    00:30 (GMT) - 14 May 2017

    A great number of contrasts are found in this episode, with clever yet silly villains, simplistic and complicated ideas about identity and villainy and a moral dilemma placed in a traditional Doctor Who story.

  • The Sonic Toolbox

    Episode 235: Oxygen - Review

    The Sonic Toolbox

    Direct Podcast Download

    23:17 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    A space station plagued with zombies...and a podcast plagued with audio problems. Not too sure which is worse. But at least audio problems won't kill you. But we apologize for them all the same. So if you hear Cheryl cut out, or some weird echos, don't worry. It's not you, it's us. Anyway, we still manage to talk up a storm on our first impressions of this latest episode.


  • Doctor Who: Whos On Target

    Knock Knock review

    Doctor Who: Whos On Target

    Direct Podcast Download

    22:43 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    Guest starring David Suchet, written by Doctor Foster's Mike Bartlett, creepy old house, strange goings on...surly it will be a winner? Listen to Greg and David review the episode 5 from season 10 of Doctor Who...

  • Tim's Take On...

    Tim's Take On: Episode 383(Doctor Who Oxegen review)

    Tim's Take On...

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:29 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    Take a deep breath and enjoy some views on this week's Dr Who: Oxegen in which air and time are both of the essence.

    End Theme: Dr Who(Gypsy Guitar) by Thrip

    The show is now on Facebook please join the group for exclusive behind the scenes insights and of course also discuss and feedback on the show https://www.facebook.com/groups/187162411486307/

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  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 667: The Shape of Things to Come From @Bigfinish

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:00 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    Review by @TinDogPodcast This title was released in May 2017. It will be exclusively available to buy from the BF website until June 30th 2017, and on general sale after this date. Every action has consequences. One confrontation, one punch, one bullet - something as simple as a gesture on a train - all can change the course of history. British diplomat Dr Philip Raven knows the world is on a knife edge. But he is about to see how history might have played out differently. How there could be a better future for those who dare to grasp it. An emissary from that future has come to show him... The Shape of Things to Come. Producer David Richardson Script Editor Matt Fitton Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs Written By: HG Wells, dramatised by Guy Adams Directed By: Lisa Bowerman Cast Nicola Walker (Jane), Sam Troughton (Raven), Ewan Bailey (Arden Essende), Simon Greenall (Hooper Hamilton), Eve Webster (Moira Caruso/ Anna), Duncan Wisbey (Titus Cobbett), Stuart Milligan (Benito Caruso). Other parts played by members of the cast.

  • Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep161- SFW8: Daphne Ashbrook

    Gallifrey Stands

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    16:54 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    We sit down for a quick catch up with Daphne Askbrook for this mini episode recorded live at SFW8.

    Please find Daphne Ashbrook here http://www.daphneashbrook.com/

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  • The Doctor Who Show

    You and Who Talking 007

    The Doctor Who Show

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:24 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    What you are about to hear is the story of a connection, a connection that was made between a television series and a viewer's life.

    The You and Who books are the story of that connection, as told by the people who watch the programmes that make us come alive. Chiefly, of course, Doctor Who.

    This podcast will relate some of the stories from those books... and beyond.

    In this episode:

    'Sarah, I can hardly believe it: Genesis of the Daleks' by Paul Driscoll

    With an introduction featuring Rob Irwin talking to JR Southall.

    The You and Who books, from which all royalties are paid to charity, are available in print and for Kindle, from watchingbooks.weebly.com

    Find Rob on Twitter @theDWshow and JR on Twitter @JR_Southall

  • WHO 37 - A Doctor Who Podcast

    #105 Treehouse of Horror

    WHO 37 - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:09 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    ... in which The Doctor and Bill find themselves on the menu once again. JB is joined by Sean Homrig, co-host of The TARDIS Tavern Podcast, for a review of "Knock Knock".

  • Doctor Who Time and Space

    Doctor Who Time and Space (211)

    Doctor Who Time and Space

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:51 (GMT) - 13 May 2017

    Series 10 is a third of the way through, and it's time for us to review Knock Knock-the fourth episode of series 10, preview this week's episode Oxygen, talk about our favorite space-set doctor who episodes and discuss the latest news in the last seven days in the doctor who universe.

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