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  • Podcastica

    Episode 119: Robot OR We Are Like Rust in the Wind, Dude


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    16:14 (GMT) - 6 Mar 2018

    Episode 119: Robot OR We Are Like Rust in the Wind, Dude by Night of the Living Geeks

  • The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Episode #372

    The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

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    20:50 (GMT) - 5 Mar 2018

    Pyramids of Mars

    Adam, Mary, Debbie and Kirby revisit one of the classics. We also have news, feeedback and You Won't Get This One.

  • The Blue Box Podcast

    Episode 297: Doctor Who Snap Round Two

    The Blue Box Podcast

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    20:02 (GMT) - 5 Mar 2018

    The Blue Box Podcast - Episode 297: Doctor Who Snap Round Two Brought to you every Saturday by Starburst Columnist - JR Southall, Lee Rawlings, Mark Cockram and Simon Brett.

  • Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Metebelis 2 #71 - The Biggest Slyther Fan Boy

    Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

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    11:10 (GMT) - 5 Mar 2018

    Ben and David talk about their top five cliffhangers from the William Hartnell era and why the cliffhanger is such an important part of Doctor Who. But, before they delve back in time the lads discuss the new Target book covers illustrated by Anthony Dry and the new programme logo and the design of its promo video that was released in the past week or so. Opening music is "The Missing TARDIS" by Tristram Cary. Closing music is "Machinery in Tardis Goes Wild" by Brian Hodgson.

  • Radio Free Skaro

    Gangsters on the Moon

    Radio Free Skaro

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    19:00 (GMT) - 4 Mar 2018

    #WhoAgainstGuns is a cause launched by our friends at Reality Bomb and spearheaded by a larger network of friends and podcasters, and the Three Who Rule are happy to lend their support, as you can hear in this podcast. Further to that, we present our final two interviews from Gallifrey One 2018 - one with Doctor Who scribe Peter Harness, and another with Philip Martin all about his iconic 1970s BBC series "Gangsters"!


    - #WhoAgainstGuns - Piers Wenger says Series 11 will have a number of female writers - "Shada" scripts up for auction - William Hartnell's personal script for "An Unearthly Child" up for auction - "The Enemy of the World" DVD delayed one week - Paul Simpson named new editor for Obverse Books' Black Archive range - Peter Miles died - The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One


    - Peter Harness - Philip Martin

  • Doctor Who Time and Space

    Doctor Who Time and Space (253)

    Doctor Who Time and Space

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    17:34 (GMT) - 4 Mar 2018

    Back once again it's the renegade podcast! Yes, suddenly that has become our name now, even though that's never been mentioned before or will be again. This week we take a look at the Patrick Troughton era of the show as we decide his 6 best stories in order to create the best possible series for the second doctor. Plus, there's a review of the early twelfth doctor story Time Heist, some guessing games for what next week's review shall be and a discussion of the latest news and views from the last seven days in the doctor who universe.

  • Trust Your Doctor

    Episode 190: Wet Bone Cracking

    Trust Your Doctor

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    16:57 (GMT) - 4 Mar 2018

    Only on Doctor Who will you hear “wet” bone cracking. Ew.

    You might say that the man who wrote this story is a greenhorn. You know, like a guy who is new or inexperienced at the task at hand. No? Never mind. It’s The Lazarus Experiment, written by Stephen Greenhorn, and aired on May 5, 2007.

    11:34 Obviously they’re called nibblies.
    7:52 The BBC actually only runs ads now. No more content.
    9:52 Series 11 is actually 50 minutes, not 60.
    16:30 Mark Gatiss plays Sherlock’s brother Minecraft.
    14:47 The League of Gentlemen. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a comic.
    20:49 Hypersonic is a speed.
    28:27 Yeah, they’re still together.
    32:26 Think you combined The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King there.
    44:17 Season 18, not 17.

    Doctor Who (c) The BBC
    Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
    The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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  • The Doctor Who Show

    Doctor Who A-Z - Part 15: O

    The Doctor Who Show

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    07:09 (GMT) - 4 Mar 2018

    Iain Martin returns with a new instalment of the irreverent Doctor Who A-Z. This time it's "O" and Iain covers:


    Ood, The




  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 750: MARGINALIA #DoctorWho short story by Michael M Gilroy-Sinclair

    Tin Dog Podcast

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    04:00 (GMT) - 4 Mar 2018

    TO CELEBRATE 750 @TinDogPODCAST S HERE IS A SHORT STORY MarginaliaMarginalia by Michael Gilroy-Sinclair The fake monk was not happy. The school party was late and he had been reduced to simply staring out of the window. In the brightly lit education suite, he had neatly laid out a collection of fake parchment and quills in order to give the primary school children a taste of life as an eighth-century monk. It felt to him that he had been doing this, day in day out, for months and he was frankly bored. He knew from the minimal research he had been required to do, that the real monks had used goatskin and octopus ink, but such extravagances were beyond most education department budgets. Idly, he straightened a pile of A4 paper, which didn't need straightening, only to return to the window and glance across the car park for the fiftieth time that morning. The sky was the clearest blue with only wisps of white dancing in the heavens. Surely, that blue portaloo hadn't been there this morning. How could he not have noticed it until now? Maybe the council were finally going to fix those potholes? Only... Now that he could see it properly, there seemed to be a flashing light on the top and it clearly wasn't a portaloo at all. Rose was not impressed with the Doctor. He had landed the TARDIS without any of the usual build-up about their destination and headed for the door. There had been no talk of strange creatures or stranger lands. The Doctor's behaviour may have been out of the ordinary, but Rose reasoned that it must have had something to do with the sound. Moments earlier, the extraordinary time and space ship had made an extraordinary racket that sounded almost exactly like it had a stone in its shoe. Rose knew fine and well that the TARDIS didn't have shoes to get stones into, so this was a worry. She had come out of the kitchen and headed straight to the control room, where she saw the Doctor heading past the pale coral roof supports and out of the old wooden door and into the daylight beyond. "Oi, hold on!" "Hmm," replied the Doctor; he was distracted by his sonic screwdriver as it bleeped and flashed in a way she had never seen it do before. "Do you have any idea what we are looking for?" asked Rose in her most patient voice. "Err... no.... but I will know it when I see it." He seemed very positive about this. "And the bleeping helps?" "The bleeping will tell me when we are close to the source." Rose's patience was wearing thin, "The source of what?" The Doctor stopped walking and looked directly at Rose as if she were a child. "The source of the temporal disturbance. Honestly, it's like I don't explain anything to you..." "You don't. All I know is that the TARDIS started making a weird noise and then we stopped and you stormed off with that thing in your hand." As if it were joining in the conversation, the bleep of the sonic screwdriver suddenly became slightly more frenetic, taking away the Doctor's concentration and causing him to walk off in a new direction. "Where are we anyway?" demanded Rose as she raced to catch up with the Doctor. "You tell me, Rose Tyler." Rose looked around. "It's cold. And it's Earth... England." "Why do you say that?" "Because... unless we are in some pretty weird parallel universe, that's a Ford Escort and that's a Volvo." Rose was on a roll. She took a deep breath and smelled the air. "We're near a river or close to the sea." "Correct on both counts," the Doctor said, beaming. "Anything more specific?" She looked over the Doctor's shoulder and said, "We're in Jarrow at a place called Bede's World, near the river Tyne. Quite close to the tunnel, apparently." "Amazing! And how do you know that?" "There's a whopping great sign on the other side of the road," said Rose smugly. The Doctor beamed with delight. "Fantastic! Anything else?" "It's a World Heritage Site and it looks like the tea shop is open. Fancy a Hobnob?" The Doctor flicked at the screwdriver until it stopped making a noise. "I don't mind if I do. Grab your coat, you're paying." Calder, son of Eric, had not always been the Viking warrior he was today. He had been nothing more than a farmer with a sideline in jewellery making, when the Northern Lights had come down to the land to visit him and him alone. It had been an ordinary afternoon in the fields when the storm had risen. It was a tempest unlike any he had seen before. In a single heartbeat, the sky had ripped apart causing his flock to scatter and Calder to shelter under the nearest tree. From his refuge he could see the incredible colours swirl and pulse as the afternoon sun twisted and bent in the storm. Suddenly, a gash of darkest night filled the air above him. Beyond the hole in the sky, the stars swooped and curved, with a single shooting star at its centre, resembling a pendant of the gods. And then it was gone. Like a vivid dream, it passed and seemed to leave nothing but a memory. Calder shook his head as if to shake something loose, only finally to look up and see a small trail of smoke on the other side of the hill. He ran, stumbling over loose rocks to see what was beyond the crest of the hill. He arrived to find a short furrow in the ground, smoother than any plough could have made, with a small mound at one end. Calder could see something small and black embedded in the earth. He reached out and grabbed it. From that moment onwards, he was a changed man. Now, all of these year later, he stood on the prow of the longboat and looked deeply at his left hand, examining the stone that had changed him so much. It was the shape of half an apple and blacker than a winter's night. Across its surface a billion points of light. The stone had taken him and his brethren on so many journeys. It had guided them from their homes in the West, across the seas to the fertile land again and again, only to have him return with a hold full of treasures and slaves and always an all-consuming feeling of loss. Calder was their guide; he used the stone from the heavens, the obsidian map of the sky to point the way, always listening to its silent whisper. Until today - today there was no wind; there were no birds in the sky and only tiny ripples on the surface of the water beneath the hulking mass of the longboat. Tentatively, Calder's friend Tarben had suggested releasing the ravens in order to find the direction of the nearest land. Magic stones were one thing but the crew were realists. Calder had told them to be patient; the stone would show the way. After all, it had never let them down before. The tea shop was a small affair with a view over the river and beyond. Through the bay window, Rose could see the port with thousands of identical cars neatly lined up, ready for distribution around the world. They had come in through the main entrance which also acted as a small gift shop, complete with pointless stationary and guidebooks. The woman behind the counter had a smile as wide as the Doctor's and had welcomed them in like a seasoned pro. "Welcome to Bede's World, home of the Venerable Bede. As well as the Monastery and Visitors' Centre, we have a special exhibition on at the moment with some of the finest examples of..." "Is the coffee shop open?" interrupted Rose. "Yes, it is. And we do a storming hot chocolate, pet." "Pet?" said the Doctor, worried that the TARDIS translation circuits might be on the blink. "Aye, pet. The tea is nice too... I can bring it over if you like? Have you come far?" Rose smiled to herself. "Oh, about six parsecs as the crow flies," said the Doctor absent-mindedly. "Yeah you sound like you've come a long way. That accent... Somewhere in the South...? Manchester...?" "South?!" sniggered Rose. "Oh yes, pet lamb. Anything beyond Sunderland is the South as far as we're concerned," half joked the woman behind the counter. The Doctor was clearly affronted and headed for the comfiest looking chair for solace. "Your friend a bit touchy about his accent? Never mind. Now, what shall I get you?" Rose ordered then joined the Doctor. "Did that woman really call me 'pet lamb'?" With a snort of derision, the Doctor busied himself with his screwdriver once again. "I've ordered you a tea, if that's all right..." The Doctor didn't answer. "What's up? Gone off in a huff because you aren't quite northern enough?" She tittered. "I'll have you know I used to be Scottish. Is that northern enough?" he said, then stared out of the window. Whispering to himself, "And, for all I know, I might be again one day." Clearly she had touched a nerve. "You don't half talk some rubbish... So... What's all this about then?" "I have my suspicions about what made the TARDIS..." The Doctor started to wave his hands about as if to explain something complex. "...Make an appalling noise and put you in a bad mood?" "Yeah! Only... it shouldn't be possible. Not here, not now." The drinks arrived and broke the conversation. "One tea and one hot chocolate, both with complimentary biscuits. Enjoy your visit. Make sure you see the special exhibition and be careful of that dig site. God only knows when they will be back." At the mention of a dig site the Doctor sprang to his feet, almost knocking over his tea. Looming over them was a fake monk. Calder smiled. A smile that the crew knew of old. That magic stone of his was telling him something. The wind began to rise and they were on the move again. The monk stood directly in front of the Doctor and Rose. His face was full of nervous energy, which Rose found more than a little appealing. Suddenly the Doctor became tense. As Rose glanced in his direction, she could see that all of the usual warmth had evaporated from his face. He regarded the figure in front of them with the sort of suspicion he usually reserved for the galaxy's most wanted criminals, rather than a man in a brown habit. The two men faced each other in silence. "Welcome to Bede's World," said the monk. "I am the Venerable Bede, born in 672 and died on the twenty-sixth of May, 735." He paused for effect. "And I will be your guide today around my world. A world of knowledge and darkness and light and..." He paused. "And inspiration!" shouted the woman from the counter. "Gary, the line is 'and inspiration.'" "You really know how to spoil the moment, Doreen... Anyway I thought the line was 'and faith.'" "They changed it at the last meeting, which you would know if you had been on time. You know, we never get this problem with Pete. Now there is someone who really inhabits the role." The truth dawned on the travellers. "Inhabits the habit," joked the Doctor, his smile quickly returning. Gary, the fake monk, was not happy with Doreen. "Look, it's Pete's day off and I am Bede today." Rose felt sorry for the man in brown. "Don't worry... Gary, is it? I'm sure you'll get the hang of it... Why don't you tell us more about this place? Think of it as a practice run." Doreen was still unimpressed. "Shouldn't you be with that school group?" "They called and said they were running late. Engine trouble outside Middlesbrough, or something." "There you go," said the Doctor. "Gary can tell us all about the place before the school gets here." "For a start, you can tell me who this Bede bloke actually was," said Rose. It felt like it had been raining for months. The land squelched underfoot. The sky, the river and the sea beyond were all the same dark murky grey. Beyond the pond, where the trout waited until Fridays, lay the wooden fence which held the young goats, next to the tanning shed, where the living raw materials were turned into parchment and would form part of their greater purpose. Beyond the rudimentary farm was the small, wooden jetty, the edge of which disappeared into the light fog over the river Tyne. The mist spread its tendrils out across the land, and yet the sun was fighting through increasingly larger gaps in the gloom, allowing shafts of light to warm the land. A small bell rang calling the monks to prayer, dragging them away from one form of devotion to another, their rough garments soaked from the constant drizzle. The heavy air made everything sound so much closer than normal. The echoing ring of the bell was both muffled and yet piercing, and the constant bleating of the goats seemed more immediate than usual. Most of the monks now stood in the chancel in silent contemplation while one, standing at a wooden lectern, was reading from the Scriptures. As always, one of their number was not at prayer. Novice Randal had a considerably more earthly task to fulfil. At the edge of the jetty, he sat listening to the sound of his brothers' devotions travelling gently on the breeze, while his eyes were firmly fixed on the horizon. This was an important job reserved for the novices of the order, as the younger monks had better eyes and could see further. It was Randal's job to keep a watch out for ships. Some would carry emissaries or pilgrims, while others brought those with darker motives. It had been some time since the last Viking attack, but you never knew when an innocent looking trading ship would conceal different intentions. He did not know which would be worse: to die or to be sold into slavery. He had read the accounts of attacks on monasteries further up the coast. Such earthly horrors kept Randal awake at night. For a fleeting moment, the sun fought the mist and won. At first Randal couldn't be sure. He blinked and strained his eyes. Yes, there it was, he was certain now. He could make out a black dot on the horizon and it seemed intent on heading their way. As the Doctor, Rose and Gary (the fake Bede) walked away from the Visitors' Centre and down the small incline, the sounds of modern life went on around them. On the river, a gigantic tanker floated its way out to sea, while in the distance massive cranes were being dismantled. All around, the constant murmur of traffic impinged on this island of tranquility. Gary explained as they walked, "In all honesty, I'm just an actor in between gigs... And a bit of 'theatre in education' always looks good on your CV." "You were going to tell us about Bede," reminded Rose. The Doctor interrupted, "Bede was a monk and a historian who wrote one of the first history books." "I think she was asking me," said Gary, "but like he says, Bede was this priest who wrote... Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum..." He pronounced the Latin words with exaggerated care. "I knew I'd get that right." "And what's that when it's at home?" The Doctor couldn't help himself: "The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. It's the first history book to use the AD system of dating. Without that book, you lot would know even less than you do." Rose gave the Doctor a gentle punch in the arm. "Is it me or is it getting nippy?" "Time displacement does that... Or it could just be the wind off the sea." "I'm just glad I get to keep my thermals on underneath this habit." "That's hardly historically accurate," joked Rose. "And neither are his sandals." "I'll have you know, if eighth-century monks had had access to Crocs as comfortable as these, they would have worn them." They were now getting closer to the actual monastery and could see it in more detail: a squat church made from heavy stone. Gary continued with pride, "We've always got archaeologists of one type or another poking around. It's not like when Time Team came..." "Time Team?" asked the Doctor with interest. "It's a TV show. Now shush and let Gary tell us about the place," said Rose. Gary smiled. "Well, it was long before my time; they made a hell of a mess and they didn't find anything much of interest, just a few pots and a lot of dead goats." "Dead goats?" "Yeah, goat skin is what the monks made their special paper from," explained Gary. "This lot are from the university; they only come a couple of times a week... The trench is just round this corner." The Doctors sonic screwdriver began to buzz once more. Novice Randal ran for all he was worth. The mist had cleared enough for him to be sure that the oncoming ship was the Norsemen returning. They had reached the river mouth itself. He had to raise the alarm. His feet pounded the soft earth, almost kicking a chicken as he ran haphazardly towards the church and his unsuspecting brothers. The large wooden door felt as light as a feather as he pulled it open with all of his strength, the fear coursing through his body. Eyes turned to him and he shouted a single word: "Vikings." Every moment counted before an attack. Some of the older monks had sharp memories of times when the Norsemen had come and taken their friends and precious artefacts. Panic gripped them all. Rose was not impressed; after all, if you have seen one hole, you have seen them all. "There's not much to look at it, is there," she said, stating the obvious. The Doctor thought for a moment. "I don't know, you can tell a lot from a hole." "You can?" asked Gary. "Like what?" "Well, for a start, you can tell that there aren't any archaeologists about." "I did say they only come a few days a week. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're due tomorrow," Gary explained. Rose joined in: "Go on then Mr. Smarty-Pants, what else can you tell from this hole?" "Well, the ground has been recently disturbed." "Yes, it's a hole, someone dug a hole. They disturbed the ground. That's how you make holes." The Doctor gave Rose the same sort of hard stare that Paddington Bear was famous for. "The earth at the bottom of the hole has been disturbed. There..." He pointed. "That line down the middle. The darker, dryer earth, it looks burnt." Now that the Doctor had mentioned it, it was obvious. "I'm guessing it rained last night," inquired the Doctor. "Bucketed down," said Gary. "Why do you ask?" "Because whatever made that mark in the dirt happened after the rain and left a dry scorched line..." He peered into the ditch. "And as there are no muddy footprints, we know your students haven't been anywhere near. I'm guessing whatever did it is still down there." "Ohhhh! Get you! The new Mr. Holmes," Rose quipped. "It's a shame really," said Gary. "What is?" asked the Doctor. "That we aren't allowed down there to see what it is." "Tell that to Rose," replied the Doctor as Rose jumped into the hole. The monks had only moments to act but they had prepared. With a few swift swings of an axe, the jetty had collapsed into the river and now lay beneath the surface. This would only delay the landing, but there was no point in making it easy for the invaders. The novice monks had very precise instructions: they were to go to the library and rescue as many of the books as they could carry. Each one had been given a specific tome to protect. They were to run and hide in the woods, and only come back once it was safe to do so. The older monks would defend the buildings for as long as they could. Once Randal had reached the library, a small room off the cloister, he was pleased to see that most of the other books had already been rescued. Only one remained and it was in the hands of the old monk, Brother Bede. The scholar was muttering to himself about the Norsemen and about how they would never take his life's work. In his hands he held his history book. Randal had yearned to read it for himself and hoped one day to do so. It had taken years to complete, and the old man was not going to let it go. Quickly, the novice decided to do the only thing that was available to him: he would rescue the book and its author. Together they would protect the book. The knowledge would not go up in flames like so much had done in the past. He was convinced that the Norsemen might burn the church, but they would not take these words. By the time they left the small room, it was already too late - the Vikings had arrived, splashing and slashing their way on to the land. Some of the warriors had split from the main force and were busy gathering up the animals, while the others burned the tannery. From the mists of the river they came, organized and strong. At their head was a single figure holding a sword in one hand and a small black rounded object in his other. The sword was already dripping with blood. "We must go!" the young novice urged the older monk. Seconds later, the warrior was on them. The jump into the hole was further than Rose had been expecting, but she had managed to avoid twisting her ankle. And, after all, any landing you can walk away from is a good one. "Hold your horses, Rose, I'm coming down," said the Doctor, as he jumped the short distance, much to the protestations of Gary. "I only brought you here so that you could have a look." From his position in the hole, the Doctor looked up and smiled his goofiest of grins. "And that's exactly what we're going to do. We're going to have a look... and maybe a poke around. But mainly a look." Gary gave in. "Hold on then, I'll come too... I suppose someone from the museum should be present." "That's the spirit, come on down." Gary slowly slid himself down the side of the hole, revealing the manufacturer of his underwear at least twice before arriving at the bottom. "They're rather anachronistic, aren't they?" said the Doctor judgmentally. "Do you mind!?" said Gary, as he straightened his robes. "I'm only joking," said the Doctor. "No, not you, her! I said, do you mind not poking about! Do you want to damage any priceless artefacts?" "Since when is mud priceless? I just want to have a look." Gary still seemed unimpressed: "You look with your eyes, not your hands." Rose bent down. "I think there's something in there." "Whatever it is, don't touch it. I want to take a reading," said the Doctor, pulling out his sonic screwdriver. Gary moved forward, making a grab for Rose's shoulder. "I told you not to touch anything." As he touched her, she must have made contact with the thing that had made the gash in the dirt. It was small and black, and looked as if it contained a million tiny dancing points of light in the night. "I just want to have a..." And then Rose and Gary were gone... leaving the Doctor alone in the trench. Randal was terrified; his master held tightly onto his greatest possession, clutching it safely to his chest. They both knew they were about to die. Randal knew that the Norsemen had no interest in the sacred words. Grimly, he realized that his last thoughts would be about the loss of the text, rather than concern for his own passing. The old man suddenly seemed to be at peace, as if he knew his destiny and was willing to accept it without question. He pushed the novice to one side and urged the boy to run, forgetting the manuscript clutched in his hands. The Viking was huge, at least two spans taller than the monk, and he had clearly seen battle. With a distant look in his eye, he raised his sword, ready to dispatch the old man. The monk simply held out a hand in friendship, his faith guiding his actions. This caught the Viking off guard, and he froze with his sword ready to strike. The monk touched the Viking's sword-less hand, breaking the moment. The sword came down and hit the book with so much force that it embedded itself into it. In the same movement, the old monk touched something smooth in the warrior's hand. There was a flash like lightning... and both monk and Viking were gone. Novice Randal stood in disbelief; had God taken his master and his attacker to heaven? Was this the Rapture? Standing before him, where his master had once stood, there was now an angel with purest yellow hair and standing next to her, her herald, a monk in the cleanest habit he had ever seen. If the Doctor had been surprised by the disappearance of Rose and Gary, he was even more surprised by the sudden appearance of the huge Viking and a more authentic-looking monk holding the tattered and smouldering remains of a book. The angel remained still, in a crouching position, her hands held as if unexpectedly and suddenly empty of something that they had previously been holding. The look on her face told of her confusion, but then which of God's creatures would not be confused, after a fall from heaven? The blinding flash had attracted the attention of all the Vikings. Randal watched their confusion as they struggled to understand the disappearance of their leader. For a moment, there was silence, then an uncertain muttering. Randal knew enough of their strange tongue to pick out some of the words: "It's magic! Thor has taken Calder! What have we done to anger him? It's Freya! She's not taking me to Helheim." As the young monk watched, panic set in and the Vikings ran, back towards their ship, abandoning their captured treasures and animals. Randal felt a surge of pity for the Vikings, who seemed to have taken this angel for one of their own heathen gods, when clearly she had been sent from On High to save the monks from these savage invaders. Rose gathered her thoughts. She was in almost exactly the same spot, only the ferry terminal, Visitors' Centre and car park were all gone. The ancient church looked newer and there were more wooden buildings dotted around. With astonishment, she noticed the group of people running towards the river - who seemed to be a group of Vikings. Admittedly they were Vikings without horns on their helmets, but nevertheless they were clearly the warriors of legend. It also occurred to her that her sudden appearance may have grabbed their attention. Not one to let an opportunity slip - the Doctor had taught her that - she stood up and looked directly at the young novice. "Hello, I'm Rose." It was then she noticed Gary, the fake monk, lying at her feet, with an expression of utter disbelief on his face. At the Viking's feet lay something the Doctor recognized. The Doctor smiled to himself in realization of what had happened. Oblivious to his change in circumstances, the Viking raised his sword once more, taking the heavy book in which it was still lodged with it. He lifted the weapon high above his head and again prepared to dispatch the cowering monk. "Oi, we'll have none of that!" shouted the Doctor as he brought his sonic screwdriver level with the new arrivals. The blue light on the end pulsed and the book on the sword blade burst into flames, showering the Viking's head in debris and breaking his concentration once and for all. The Viking stood in silence, finally aware of his new surroundings. "What magic is this?" he spat. "Now... I think one of you has something that doesn't belong to you," said the Doctor. "Is this Valhalla? Or Helheim...?" continued the confused Viking. "No, this is Jarrow. Just off the A19... Now, like I said... one of you has something that doesn't belong to them... Small black stone?" Automatically the warrior raised his left hand. It was clear that he had no control over his actions: the stone was guiding him. With the Viking's palm open the Doctor could see the hemisphere reacting to his words, a million points of swirling light danced. The Doctor spoke to the stone directly, "You are beautiful... and I think you're looking for your friend, aren't you?" As if in answer, the pattern of stars shone in unison, and the stone slipped from the warrior's hand and into the Doctor's. The Viking's expression changed almost instantly, as if he had been released from a long captivity. "Well, I think your friend is over here in the mud." Carefully the Doctor took the Viking's stone over to the other, which remained embedded in the mud. Gently, he laid them together. A white light glowed and then began to shine like a small sun as the two halves became a single ball of energy. "I think we can leave those two to get reacquainted for a bit, don't you?" The Doctor turned his attention to the two confused humans. "Now, did either of you see a girl in a white puffer jacket? She was probably with a very surprised-looking monk." The old monk ignored the Doctor's question; he was weeping at the smouldering remains of his life's work, now reduced to little more than a pile of ashes. He had used it to defend himself from the blow from the sword, but the stranger's wand had utterly destroyed it. "Erm... Sorry about the book... Here, let me help you up." Once the Vikings had gone, things began to return to normal at the monastery. Even the novelty of having an angel among them had worn off after a few days. Rose and Gary had settled in quite well. They had started by lending a hand where they could, and Gary had even suggested more than a few changes to the overall layout, using all he could remember from the scale model in the foyer of the Visitors' Centre. He was experiencing life in the eighth century first-hand and was surprisingly adept at the general day-to-day tasks such as milking the goats. He had even taken to attending early morning prayers. Rose was sure that Gary wouldn't have thrown himself into his new life quite so quickly, if she hadn't been able to calm him down and had assured him that that the Doctor would be along to rescue them sooner or later; so they may as well make the best of things while they waited. This news had cushioned the shock to his system, and being treated like a visiting angel wasn't something Rose was going to turn down. She knew in her heart that the Doctor would arrive... sooner or later. It was however the best part of a month before she heard the familiar tones of the materializing time machine in the cornfield that would one day be the visitors' car park. With a familiar squeak, the wooden door opened and revealed the Doctor and a smiling elderly monk looming over the Doctor's shoulder. "We just had to drop off a couple of friends before I picked you up. I hope you don't mind." Hiding her joy from her travelling companion, Rose said, "We've been here almost a month, Doctor. Honestly, for someone with a time machine, you really have no idea about time." "You haven't been changing history behind my back, have you?" joked the Doctor. "I had this confused Viking to take home, but he seemed pleased enough to be back amongst his own people. And he did promise to give up on the pillaging and concentrate more on trade... so that's okay then." "So who was this other person you had to drop off?" Rose asked. Smugly, the Doctor explained, "Oh, that was just your standard sentient time- and space-travelling sphere." "Come again?" The Doctor loved these moments: "That rock you touched... It was part of a couple who escaped the Time War." "A couple? It was a rock. Was it a 'silicon life form'?" Rose grasped at a sci-fi reference in order to make sense of the Doctor's words. "No, don't be silly, silicon life is incredibly rare. This was graphene life." Rose was catching up: "So it was a couple? There were two rocks?" "Yes, a couple... You know... a mummy and daddy, pair bond, lovers... that sort of thing. And they were attacked... out there." The Doctor pointed up, beyond the sky and towards the infinity of space. "They were split and they fell through time onto the Earth. One of them could influence time and the other, space. Together they're quite formidable." The Doctor looked off into the distance. "You know, strictly speaking, they shouldn't have been able come to Earth at all... Well, not after some bright spark time-locked this whole planet at the beginning of the War." Rose knew when he was remembering the dark times in his life, and touched his shoulder gently. "Doctor, sometimes I have no idea what you're talking about. So are Mister and Missus Rock okay now?" "Let's just say a shiny rock found its friend and they have gone back home, amongst the stars... to start again." Novice Randal had heard the strange sound and came running from the other side of the buildings. He threw his arms around the old monk, before remembering his place and stood back, still contemplating the miracle of his master's return. "Thank you. You truly are an angel," he whispered to Rose. "Look Randal, we've talked about this... I'm no angel." "That's true," said the Doctor. "It is good to see you again, Brother" said Randal to the old monk. "We thought we had lost you forever." The old monk smiled. "Don't worry, my son, it takes more than an angry Viking and a few magic journeys to take me away from my work." "Do you still have the book, Brother?" "Sadly, the book was destroyed... But we can still make another." "How?" The old monk simply held up his hands as if in prayer. "The Lord will provide." In the monk's hands, Rose noticed a Penguin edition of Bede's own famous history book. "So how come me and Gary ended up here?" asked Rose. "Well, the hemisphere in this time wanted to be with its partner in your time. It used your spare artron energy to shift itself through time... dragging you and Monkey Boy along in its wake." Gary had finally arrived, wheezing into view. "Rose tells me you can take me home in your magic box." "Magic box?!" The Doctor appeared to be affronted. "There is nothing magical about it. It's simply a box that's bigger on the inside that can go anywhere and anywhen... What is in any way magical about that?" "So you can take me home again?" "If that's what you want, yes." "Hell yes! I've got a classroom full of kids, and I've got so much to tell them. Now that I've experienced life as a real eighth-century monk first-hand... I'm the ultimate in living history." "Well, let's get you home then. Into the TARDIS with you both." Before the Doctor closed the door, he popped his head out for one last word: "Oh and Bede... One more thing... Try and check some of your facts will you?" After saying his goodbyes, Gary headed out of the thing he had mistaken for a portaloo and headed across the car park, up towards the Visitors' Centre. The genuine monk sandals made an odd scraping noise as he walked. Gary hoped that brother Randal would be happy with his Crocs and that the archaeologists wouldn't get too upset if they found them in their ditch. His head was full of new ideas about the things he wanted to teach the children - and according to the Doctor, the coach would be here in a few moments. "You look awful," said Doreen as Gary walked through the doors. "This is one-hundred-per-cent authentic Dark Ages monk," replied Gary as he headed to the teaching room, full of new-found confidence. Outside the classroom, Gary paused to look at the new exhibition - Marginalia, the marks made by monks on manuscripts, beside the columns of text. He stopped to read an information panel, which explained how these doodles had revealed new and exciting facts about life long ago. The most mysterious of them all was from Bede's history of the British people: a drawing of an angel with a Saxon inscription, "Rednes Heoruwearg." Underneath was the translation: "Bad Wolf." Before setting forth on that inevitable journey, none is wiser than the man who considers - before his soul departs hence - what good or evil he has done, and what judgement his soul will receive after its passing. --Bede's Death Song

  • The Whostorian

    The Whostorian: Episode 149 - Star Wars (Not The Holiday) Special

    The Whostorian

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:56 (GMT) - 3 Mar 2018

    Our latest episode will be proof, three are better than two! Our friend Kenny Murrin returns to join us as we chat about the new logo, more of our reactions to Jodie Whittaker and fan reaction to a female Doctor. Steve reveals his interactions with Chewbacca, Boba Fett looks for icebergs, Shannon has a security blanket, Kenny stumps an NHL general manager, and the trio all discuss current and past 'Star Wars' favourite characters. All that, and a review of 'I Am Your Father' featuring David Prowse. It's the 'Star Wars (Not The Holiday) Special'! With three, three, three times the fun. As we ponder our massive 150th episode, sit back and enjoy this nearly 2 hour show!

  • Discussing Who

    Review of Father's Day, Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 8

    Discussing Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:39 (GMT) - 3 Mar 2018

    Would you go back in time to spend one more day with someone from your past? Would temptation cause you to act against the laws of time? What would you do? Find out what we think, and let us know what you think as we review ‘Father’s Day’, Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 8. Plus, we report on our trip to Pensacola, FL or Pensacon 2018! Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford.


  • Earth Station Who

    The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 179 - Timelash - Earth Station Who - The ESO Network

    Earth Station Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:42 (GMT) - 3 Mar 2018

    Let’s do the Timelash again. Or Let’s Not. Mike, Mike, Mary, and the Mayor of Chickentown Felicity Kusinitz are trapped in a time tunnel that places them in 1985 to witness the broadcast...

    Earth Station Who is a show dedicated to the culture around the BBC icon Doctor Who. Join Mike F, Mike G and Dave as we explore the 50 year history and fandom surrounding the Doctor With reviews, interviews and just general talk you never know WHO might pop up.

  • Doctor Who Target Files

    Episode 61 The Brain Of Morbius Review

    Doctor Who Target Files

    Direct Podcast Download

    21:41 (GMT) - 2 Mar 2018

    Mike & Alex do what they Khan to discuss the Sisterhood and Morbius from the sublime pen of Robin Bland (or is it).As the Target Files team look at this 4th Doctor era story that caused consternation in it's creation between Philip Hinchcliffe and Terrance Dicks. Tom Baker performs the audiobook version and our duo decide if they highly rate this story or can say Solon and thanks for the memories.

  • Tim's Take On...

    Tim's Take On: Episode 425(Stephen Moffat and Marcus Wilson at the BFI)

    Tim's Take On...

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:09 (GMT) - 2 Mar 2018

    This week a panel recorded at the BFI in January who as part of their John Hurt tribute season screened Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor, after the screening Executive Producer, Writer and Showrunner Stephen Moffat and Producer Marcus Wilson talked about their time on the show.

    End Theme: Doctor Who(Indian Brass Band version) by Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band

    You can see video of the panel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaNWZ0-KIuY&t;=42s

    The show is now on Facebook please join the group for exclusive behind the scenes insights and of course also discuss and feedback on the show https://www.facebook.com/groups/187162411486307/ If you want to send me comments or feedback you can email them to tdrury2003@yahoo.co.uk or contact me on twitter where I'm @tdrury or send me a friend request and your comments to facebook where I'm Tim Drury and look like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdrury/3711029536/in/set-72157621161239599/ in case you were wondering.

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    Time Shadows - Unofficial Doctor Who Anthology for Charity For Kindle

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:00 (GMT) - 2 Mar 2018

    A FREE #DoctorWho Book for Kindle please retweet and share Time Shadows - Unofficial Doctor Who Anthology for Charity For Kindle Please Donate

  • The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast

    Doctor Who - Ep178: This Episode is a Kindness

    The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    07:00 (GMT) - 2 Mar 2018

    Welcome to Episode 178... The News We start with the sad news that Peter Miles, most famous for playing Nyder in Genesis of the Daleks, has passed away aged 89 and Cardiff Council get grumpy with Who regarding the leftover bill from the Doctor Who Experience. Merch Corner BBC Worldwide retract the upcoming Series 3 blu ray steelbook to have the artwork corrected due to fan backlash and we finish off by chatting about the upcoming new Target novelisations. "The Girl Who Waited" Review Ah, Series 6, the Achilles Heel in Matt Smith's era (for some) but is this small cast, contained emotional story enough to make us think differently? Follow the Handbots this way... Thank you for joining us for 178. Next week's review will be The Happiness Patrol. Have a super week and until next time - Allons-y!

  • Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Episode 156W5: Real Time/Scream of the Shalka

    Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:48 (GMT) - 2 Mar 2018

    This week we conclude our coverage of the Wilderness Years with Real Time and Scream of the Shalka!

    QotW: If you could choose one Doctor, companion and foe to have a new adventure in animated form which Doctor, companion and foe would it be?

    So Here are the Things.../Listener Mailbag

    Discussion of "Real Time" (Trevor 6.5, David 6.5, Charlie 6.5)

    Discussion of "Scream of the Shalka" (Trevor 8.75, David 8.25, Charlie 8.5)

    Big Finish Audio Adventure: Sword of Orion (Trevor 7.75, David 7.5, Charlie 7.25)

    Number Crunching: Classic Who


    • Trevor @WhovianTrev Trevsplace
    • Charlie @insanityinchaos The Infinite Longbox The Comic Conspiracy
    • David http://www.davidsafar.com/ @gwythinn MaroonedWhovian
    • Connor YouTube: The Deadly Emerald

    Join us next week as we begin our coverage of modern Who with our review of the series premiere, Rose! Our audio adventure will be The Stones of Venice, available from BigFinish.com.

  • MarkWHO42 - The Doctor Who Podcast

    episode 211 - The Many Genres of Doctor Who

    MarkWHO42 - The Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    20:04 (GMT) - 1 Mar 2018

    Doctor Who... what is it? Is it science fiction, fantasy, a mystery, a comedy, a drama. or what? In fact what isn't it? Listen to this episode of MarkWHO42 to hear our points of view on the matter. We even bring along a Doctor for the ride: Dr. Courtland Lewis PhD, the editor of "Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside" and "More Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regeneration Time (Popular Culture and Philosophy)" and author of "Way of the Doctor: Doctor Who's Pocketbook Guide to the Good Life". Plus we report on all the latest Doctor Who and sci-fi news including our opinions of the new Doctor Who logo! MarkWHO42! From the WHOniverse and Beyond... and maybe even further than that!!! MarkWHO42 supports WHO AGAINST GUNS: We've all been moved by recent events. The survivors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are using their voices to speak for those who cannot, to say "never again," and demand change. We are asking the Doctor Who community to follow their example and to shine a light on this urgent issue. Go to http://www.realitybombpodcast.com/whoagainstguns/ for more information!

  • Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Classic Rewatch: Death to the Daleks

    Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:41 (GMT) - 1 Mar 2018

    We can thank Terry Nation for the conceptualization and creation of one of the most iconic and long-lasting villainous forces ever created in televised science fiction. What we can't always thank him for is a really compelling story that uses ... Continue reading -

  • Gallifrey's Most Wanted Podcast

    Gallifrey's Most Wanted Episode 034 -- "The Unquiet Dead"

    Gallifrey's Most Wanted Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:01 (GMT) - 1 Mar 2018

    Charles Dickens in Cardiff for Christmas. It's the first historical of the New Era and penned by Mark Gatiss to boot. Simon Callow brings his expertise (and his acting chops) to playing Dickens, and the Doctor and Rose are on hand for hijinx with ghosts. What more can a Who fan ask?

  • Talking Timelords: Doctor Who News and Commentary

    Talking Timelords Ep. 83: Testimony

    Talking Timelords: Doctor Who News and Commentary

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:02 (GMT) - 1 Mar 2018

    Jason and Paul have finally dried their bittersweet tears long enough to discuss “Twice Upon a Time.” We bid farewell to one Doctor and usher in another, while visiting a few old faces along the way. We’re seeing double in this episode so throw on your sonic shades and come along for the ride!

  • WHO 37 - A Doctor Who Podcast

    #124 Before The Blue Box

    WHO 37 - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    00:43 (GMT) - 1 Mar 2018

    ...in which our fearless podcasters go back to the beginning. It's the debut of "Loose Cannons" where JB and St. Xtofer examine the novels, short stories and audios to piece together the off-screen continuity of the Doctor's adventures. This month they look at several stories of the First Doctor & Susan set before "An Unearthly Child". Stories include "Lungbarrow" by Marc Platt, "The Beginning" also by Marc Platt, "Quinnis" again by Marc Platt, "The Exiles" by Lance Parkin, "The Gift" by Robert Dick, "Frayed" by Tara Samms, and "Dr. First" by Adam Hargreaves.

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 746: #DoctorWho 4th Doctor 7.2 The Crowmarsh Experiment

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:30 (GMT) - 28 Feb 2018

    This title was released in January 2018. It is currently exclusive as a download to the BF website When attacked on an alien world, Leela falls unconscious... only to wake in another time, another place. She is in the Crowmarsh Institute on Earth, in London, in 1978, and everyone is calling her Doctor Marshall. They tell her the world she has known is but a fantasy, a delusion, and that this place is the one that is real. Surrounded by familiar faces on unfamiliar people, Leela knows what is true and what is false. But how long can she believe when everyone around her says it's a dream? What's really happening here? Written By: David Llewellyn Directed By: Nicholas Briggs Cast Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Cathy Tyson (Jennifer), Damian Lynch (Colin Marshall), Julian Wadham (Dr Holman), Dan Starkey (Linus Strang), John Dorney (Gary). Other parts played by members of the cast. Producer David Richardson Script Editor John Dorney Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

  • Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep198- Has the New Series Gotten Old?

    Gallifrey Stands

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:54 (GMT) - 28 Feb 2018

    Prof. Adam Manning (not really a prof) joins us to read a recent article he published in the Strange Skin blog before we discuss it. We talk about the ratings, what the ratings mean in context of changing viewing figures, the most popular Doctors of the new era and the BBC's on again off again love affair with this global brand. All this and in the WhoNews Paul Gee talks series 11 filming news & in the round up reviews Ben has Bernice Summerfield news.

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  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Extra! - Gallifrey (One) Stands

    Doctor Who: Verity!

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:30 (GMT) - 28 Feb 2018

    Another wildly successful Gallifrey One is in the books! From the silly to the sublime to the truly moving, it was a weekend to remember. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we reminisce about the amazing weekend that was.

    Were you at Gally as well? Share your highlights and memories in the comments!


    PS: Click here for more info about the #WhoAgainstGuns promo that precedes this Extra!

    Related links: "In Defense Of" champs Riley Silverman, Sarah, and The Master The Incomparable Game Show (featuring cheese negotiations) Radio Free Skaro and the Seven Keys to Doomsday (Gally kickoff show) Gangsters theme song Joy Piedmont and Paul Booth (of Gally's Academic Track) Alyssa's (Whovian Feminism, This Week in Time Travel) write-up of Deb's "Gallifrey Waits No More" panel (and tweet thread) Reality Bomb Episode 054 - Live at Gallifrey One Hammer House of Podcast Verity! tumblers!

  • Who's Doing What Now

    Closing Time

    Who's Doing What Now

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:00 (GMT) - 28 Feb 2018

    It's a little bit Mr. Mom, a little bit Adventures in Babysitting, and a lot like The Lodger. This week we're talking about Closing Time where we see Craig return to go on another adventure with the Doctor who is, himself, going on his last adventure.

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  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon

    Episode 74: Planet of the Spiders (Family UNIT)

    The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:59 (GMT) - 28 Feb 2018

    Joe, Toni, and Nathan Laws of the 42Cast cut to the chase and talk about the Third Doctor's departure and sometimes Yates in the Classic Doctor Who serial Planet of the Spiders. This episode is brought to you by Friend of Rassilon Matt Golden.

  • Nerd-Out with Rob Lloyd, Jen Speirs & Sandro Falce

    #26: Updates on Bond 25 & Terminator 6 + Star Trek - Discovery S1 Wrap-Up

    Nerd-Out with Rob Lloyd, Jen Speirs & Sandro Falce

    Direct Podcast Download

    00:37 (GMT) - 28 Feb 2018

    After last week's massive review, we took things pretty easy this episode and watched the second half of Star Trek: Discovery. This might be the first time we all have differing opinions about something! Fun times!
    We also chat about the new Lost In Space series, Bond 25, and whatever Tim Miller's Terminator sequel is.

    0:00:00 - Introduction
    0:03:01 - What Have You Been Consuming Lately?
    -- 0:03:32 - Men In Black 3 / Black Mirror update [Jen's Review]
    -- 0:06:51 - Star Wars Rebels / Star Trek Voyager [Rob's Review]
    -- 0:09:51 - Black Panther rewatch / Lady Bird [Sandro's Review]
    0:12:34 - Nerd Headlies
    -- 0:13:17 - Doctor Who logo
    -- 0:18:40 - Lost In Space trailer
    -- 0:22:23 - DC news!
    -- 0:31:20 - And a bit of Marvel news
    -- 0:34:51 - Terminator 6
    -- 0:39:36 - Bond 25
    -- 0:43:35 - Sharknado 6 synposis
    -- 0:49:28 - Speed Round!
    0:55:54 - Star Trek: Discovery - Chapter 2 [Spoiler Free]
    -- 1:15:42 - Spoilers
    1:34:16 - Feedback
    1:43:04 - Next Time, Outro, Credits & Outtakes

    Our Melboure Internation Comedy Festival shows!
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  • Waffle On Podcast

    High Plains Drifter

    Waffle On Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:43 (GMT) - 27 Feb 2018

    Waffle On about High Plains Drifter

    Come on, who doesnt love a bit of Clint Eastwood shooting the crap out of things and looking cool. We love him and so we bring to you this months episode to one of his more surreal westerns, High Plains Drifter.

    You can listen to Waffle On via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or any app that supports podcasts. If you would like to get in touch please email us at waffleonpodcast@gmail.com Please come and join our Facebook page, simply type in Waffle On Podcast and we'll add you to the family.

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  • Who's He?

    She's got a paradise camouflage

    Who's He?

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:28 (GMT) - 27 Feb 2018

    This week, Phil and Paul listen to another audio story from Big Finish and this time it's Creatures of Beauty starring Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton. Of course this being a Big Finish review, there will be spoilers a plenty but this time our reviewing duo had a tough time not giving away the plot of this non-linear tale of pollution and genocide, so settle back and listen to two bewildered Doctor Who fans and their stream of consciousness!

    And in the news this week, it's plenty of series 11 news with a new logo and when the series will air, Murray Gold and Jamie Mathieson confirm they are not returning to Doctor Who and there is also news of some new Target novelisations!

  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon

    Episode 74: Planet of the Spiders (Family UNIT)

    The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:59 (GMT) - 27 Feb 2018

    Joe, Toni, and Nathan Laws of the 42Cast cut to the chase and talk about the Third Doctor's departure and sometimes Yates in the Classic Doctor Who serial Planet of the Spiders. This episode is brought to you by Friend of Rassilon Matt Golden.

  • Traveling the Vortex

    Episode 371 - Pop Quiz

    Traveling the Vortex

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:35 (GMT) - 27 Feb 2018

    We take a different approach to this week’s show and pause for a pop quiz! First we look at the "Liberty Hall" short film interview found as a bonus feature on the Mawdryn Undead DVD. Then we continue by reviewing Candy Jar Books’ The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book by Mark Jones.

    Plus we have some news to cover from the past week.


    Links mentioned in this week’s show:

    Purchase your copy of The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book by Mark Jones here.

    View the Liberty Hall short film on Karen Davies website found here.

  • The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Episode #371

    The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:05 (GMT) - 27 Feb 2018

    Planet of Evil

    Adam, Debbie and Kirby review this fourth Doctor story. We also have feedback, You Won't Get This One and news.

  • 42 To Doomsday

    42 to Doomsday - The Final End?

    42 To Doomsday

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:06 (GMT) - 27 Feb 2018

    Episode 77 - Time is called on Australia's longest running and (in)consistent podcast! It is the moment all our fans (but particularly our enemies) have waited for! Before 42 to Doomsday rides off into the distance we strap on the mics one last time to bury Moffat, not once, but twice! We dig through the entrails of early 1990's DWBs delusions, plus listeners feedback where we take down the whole Patreon Industrial-Military complex in a no hold's barred suicide run and then wax poetic as we sink slowly into the sunset! But wait! Who is that *other* voice on the podcast? Could it be...Lord Melbourne?! And what does he bring with him? Could it be...not one, but two cans? But the question you all want to know..will 42 to Doomsday return ?

  • DWO WhoCast

    DWO Whocast 352

    DWO WhoCast

    Direct Podcast Download

    22:29 (GMT) - 26 Feb 2018

    In this episode of the DWO WhoCast Dave and Elizabeth are joined by Alex as they look at an old episode to discuss if it deserves love or is it truly monstrous?

    You can subscribe at iTunes and check out previous episodes at http://www.drwho-online.co.uk/ - your best resource for Who news

  • The Blue Box Podcast

    Episode 296: The Almost Rebel Flesh People

    The Blue Box Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:14 (GMT) - 26 Feb 2018

    The Blue Box Podcast - Episode 296: The Almost Rebel Flesh People Brought to you every Saturday by Starburst Columnist - JR Southall, Lee Rawlings, Mark Cockram and Simon Brett.

  • Mutter's Spiral Podcast


    Mutter's Spiral Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:01 (GMT) - 26 Feb 2018

    John and I are proud to be a part of the #WhoAgainstGuns project, put together by many in the Whovian community in response to the horrific shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the epidemic of mass shootings and gun violence in the United States. Attached is a 2 minute recording describing the project. For more information, please go to :


  • Geeklectic

    Ep 95 - Gallifrey One Recap - The Horns Of Ribos


    Direct Podcast Download

    18:00 (GMT) - 26 Feb 2018

    Our Gallifrey One 29 recap, recorded live in Stephen's hotel room at the LAX Marriott, and in and around Gally. Featuring special guest appearances by Mark Ayres, Alyssa Franke (@whovianfeminism), Emma Caywood, and an air conditioner that seemed to burst to life every darn time we started talking about something important. (I apologize for the sound quality - I attempted to do a "noise filter thing" and all it did was make everything worse, so I made the command decision to let the stupid air conditioner be part of the show. I'm sure its parents are very proud.) MEANWHILE... Here's the link to the thing in the promo at the top of the show. Please contribute. http://realitybombpodcast.com/whoagainstguns Twitter: @coalhillcon E-mail: podcast@coalhill.com

  • Reality Bomb - a Doctor Who podcast

    Reality Bomb Episode 054 - Live at Gallifrey One

    Reality Bomb - a Doctor Who podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:37 (GMT) - 26 Feb 2018

    On the fifty-fourth edition of Reality Bomb we have a special live episode recorded at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles with Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont. We start off by looking to the future of Doctor Who with Sage Young, Tai Gooden and Simon Fraser. In celebrating 30 years of Perivale's finest citizen, we have a quiz about all things Ace with Paul Cornell, Felicity Kuzinitz, Rob Shearman and Rachel Donner. Controversy comes to the Gallery of the Underrated (live in the room!) when the Verity! podcast's Erika Ensign offers The Ribos Operation for consideration. We have a live edition of Listener's Letters adjudicated by Paul Cornell and a bonus quiz with Shannon Dohar and Deb Stanish. Plus we have a double shot comedy from Kim Rogers, Andy Hicks, Felicity Kuzinitz, Edie Nugent, Chip Sudderth, Liz Myles, Bill Evenson, Robert Smith? and special guest star Richard Ashton!


    Reality Bomb is also proud to support #whoagainstguns, an initiative to encourage Doctor Who fans to take action against gun violence.

    An all-star cast of over 40 Doctor Who podcasters, writers and fans are coming together to record a podcast commentary of a Classic Who story. The podcast will only be released to listeners who provide a donation to an organization committed to ending gun violence.

    For more details visit the Who Against Guns webpage.

  • Radio Free Skaro

    Scholarly Scribblings

    Radio Free Skaro

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:00 (GMT) - 25 Feb 2018

    As the Con Crud, post-Gally blues and general middle-aged malaise hit the RFS crew, they nevertheless soldier on with news of new Doctor Who logos, Lost Dimensions, new Target novelizations and more, before two sets of interviews from Gallifrey One, the first with Titan Comics brand manager Chris Thompson and the second with scholarly Whovians Joy Piedmont, who ran the academic symposium at last week's Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, and Derek Kompare, a media professor who participated in said high-brained shenanigans! Listen and learn!


    - The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One - New Doctor Who logo unveiled - New Doctor Who logo T-shirt - New Target novelizations coming April 5 - Sarah Jane Adventures now on BBC iPlayer - Titan Comics' The Lost Dimension Book 1 out now, Book 2 coming March 20 - Pearl Mackie coming to Chicago TARDIS 2018 - Make-up artist Dorka Nieradzik died


    - Chris Thompson from Titan Comics - Joy Piedmont - Derek Kompare

  • Trust Your Doctor

    Episode 189: Hovering Over Hooverville

    Trust Your Doctor

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:57 (GMT) - 25 Feb 2018

    So many hoovers, so little time.

    And now, Martha Jones in her first two parter. Featuring the Daleks, because bloody hell do the Daleks ever not appear? Can you imagine if they named an episode “Mystery of the Daleks” and then didn’t have the Daleks appear at all? The mystery is, where are they? It’s Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks, written by Helen Raynor and aired on April 21 and 28, 2007.

    14:47 More about the building of the Empire State Building here.
    18:36 They should start using man o’ wars in actual wars.
    19:18 They should bring these back to actual warfare too.
    25:09 This was all I could find about the “Daleks have to appear every season” rumor.
    39:51 Our movie trilogy podcast Triple Play has conditioned me to think of Star Wars whenever anyone says “Do it”

    Doctor Who (c) The BBC
    Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
    The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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  • The Cultdom Collective

    EPISODE338 - Doctor Who 'The Capaldi Years' Our Review

    The Cultdom Collective

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:23 (GMT) - 25 Feb 2018

    The Cultdom topic this month is 'The Capaldi Years' as we look back and review Peter's time as The Doctor

  • Staggering Stories Podcast

    Staggering Stories Podcast #283: Time of the Vast Toffee (MN)

    Staggering Stories Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:00 (GMT) - 25 Feb 2018


    Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins, Fake Keith, the Real Keith Dunn and Scott Fuller discuss Steven Moffat’s (aka The Vast Toffee (MN)’s) time as the Doctor Who showrunner, and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

    • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
    • 00:46 — Welcome!
    • 01:41 – Doctor Who: Retrospective on the Vast Toffee (MN) era, AKA Steven Moffat.
    • 45:59 – Emails and listener feedback.
    • 46:21 – Farewell for this podcast!
    • 46:58 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

    Vital Links:

    • Staggering Stories.
    • BBC: Doctor Who.
    • Wikipedia: Steven Moffat.
    • Staggering Stories: Podcast Drinking Game, Fifth edition.
    • Stitcher: Smartphone podcast streaming app.
    • Facebook: Staggering Stories Group.
    • Google+: Staggering Stories Page.

  • Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Metebelis 2 #70 - None of that Spoon-feeding from the Gogglebox

    Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Direct Podcast Download

    08:01 (GMT) - 25 Feb 2018

    This week we travel back in time 17 years to discuss the first Paul McGann story from Big Finish: "Storm Warning". With the TV movie being a one-off, McGann's audio work is the majority of his Doctor's adventures. Ben and David discuss Big Finish and the early days of Doctor Who audio adventures. What works in the story set aboard Great Britain's doomed airship and what misses the mark? Only one way to find out... Opening music is "Aboard the R101" and closing music is "Charley Joins the Doctor". Both pieces are from Alistair Lock's score for "Storm Warning".

  • Who New

    Classic Who: Terror of the Autons

    Who New

    Direct Podcast Download

    08:00 (GMT) - 25 Feb 2018

    It’s time for Who Classic! We’re taking a quick trip in the Tardis to see the 3rd Doctor and Jo Grant as they battle a new foe!

    Join us as we discuss the 1971 Classic Who story arc: Terror of the Autons

    Plastics. The Master believes there is a great future in plastics. Aligning with the Nestene and the Autons, the Master shrinks people, hypnotizes people, and monologues – as only he can.

    e-mail us at whonewpodcast@gmail.com

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  • The Doctor Who Show

    The Doctor Who Show S03 E02 - Fantasy Doctor Who (feat. New to Who)

    The Doctor Who Show

    Direct Podcast Download

    07:09 (GMT) - 25 Feb 2018

    The third series of The Doctor Who Show continues with Rob and Dave tackling a fun topic after the epic slugfest of last month ('RTD versus The Moff' if you missed it).

    This month they're talking 'Fantasy Doctor Who' and to help out on this topic, Steven and Daniel from the lovely New To Who podcast join Rob and Dave for most of the ep.

    Not only that, but the normally Perth-based lads recorded IN PERSON. Which also means, yes, for the first time in the show's history, Rob and Dave were also in the same room with each other, with Dave travelling up to Sydney from Melbourne. So do tune in to find out what happened when the podcasts got together. Hint: They had a TON of fun.

    Before that, of course, Rob and Dave do a quick whip around some recent Doctor Who news. Notably, however, they don't discuss the new Doctor Who logo, as that was announced less than 12hrs after they recorded the introduction to the episode. Curse you, BBC marketing. Dave also tells us about his new Blake's 7 podcast, sans-Rob, Space Fall.

    A splendid time awaits and be sure to let us know YOUR fantasy Doctor Who, too...!

    Contact us anytime, hello@theDWshow.net
    Learn more about Space Fall, twitter.com/spacefallpc

  • Doctor Who Time and Space

    Doctor Who Time & Space (252)

    Doctor Who Time and Space

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:37 (GMT) - 24 Feb 2018

    We're back once again for another episode of weekly doctor who podcast doctor who time and space as the duo take a look back at Robert Holmes contributions to the show, including his best and worst stories and his history on the show. Also, we take a look at our review story this week, the space museum and interpret the brand new series 11 logo for the series. Plus, we discuss the latest news from the last seven days in the doctor who universe.

  • On the Time Lash

    55. Spooky Hoose

    On the Time Lash

    Direct Podcast Download

    07:55 (GMT) - 24 Feb 2018

    Under discussion: Two spooky houses as we turn our focus towards The Lodger and Ghost Light. Ben reappraises a story he long thought that he hated and Mark tries to explain just what on Earth is going on at Gabriel Chase, which would be easy enough if he could even remember watching it.

  • On the Time Lash

    55. Spooky Hoose

    On the Time Lash

    Direct Podcast Download

    07:55 (GMT) - 24 Feb 2018

    Under discussion: Two spooky houses as we turn our focus towards The Lodger and Ghost Light. Ben reappraises a story he long thought that he hated and Mark tries to explain just what on Earth is going on at Gabriel Chase, which would be easy enough if he could even remember watching it.

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