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Two hard core science fiction fans, the DW Geek Girls - Cheryl Lowe and Daisy Kaufman - talk about the science of Doctor Who, both real and fictional. Come along as we try to explain away the impossible physics and and bring you some relevant real world science, too. Not to mention the general Doctor Who love.

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12 February 2012 (7:38pm GMT)
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10 January 2018 (12:43am GMT)
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The Sonic Toolbox Episodes

  • Episode 24: Dr. Thaskalos Does it Again

    18 March 2012 (9:50pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

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    A review of "The Time Monster". We loved it! We gush and go on. We also discover many topics for discussion in future episodes.

    WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing.

    Thaskalos means master teacher in sports.

    didaskalos: an instructor
    Original Word: didaskalos, ou, o
    Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
    Transliteration: didaskalos
    Phonetic Spelling: (did-as'-kal-os)
    Short Definition: a teacher
    Definition: a teacher, master.

    Cognate: 1320 didaskalos (a masculine noun derived from 1321 /didasko, "to teach") - a teacher, an instructor acknowledged for their mastery in their field of learning; in Scripture, a Bible teacher, competent in theology. See 1319 (didaskalia).


    Episode 24: Dr. Thaskalos Does it Again

  • "Goodbye Sarah Jane" by Juli Dunn

    11 March 2012 (8:20pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    Goodbye Sarah Jane
    As The Doctor approached the dreary funeral parlour, he felt a growing unease. This couldn't be real - could it? His Sarah Jane - gone? His mind rebelled against the despair. Taking a deep breath, he pushed against the heavy glass doors and passed through. As The Doctor walked into the room, Luke lifted his sweet face and looked at him sadly. A moment of wild hopefulness filled his eyes. A pleading look that sent a shock of pain through The Doctor's hearts.
    Couldn't you, Luke said in eloquent silence, with your command of time and space and past and destiny, couldn't you save her?
    The Doctor wanted to put on his brightest smile, shout "OF COURSE I CAN!" and dash out to save his friend. But he couldn't, not without causing dire consequences to the time line. He knew it and hated it. His thoughts must have shown in his eyes because the wild look on Luke's face softened to a kind of tired resignation and he turned away from The Doctor shifting his gaze to the coffin where his mother lay.
    The Doctor followed Luke's eyes and a pang went through the new wound. There she lay, the undertaker's lurid makeup attempting to bring a look of life to the death-stiffened face. She didn't deserve this. This mundane ending to such a glorious life wasn't right. What was it? A car accident? An illness? Numbed by the news, The Doctor understood nothing of Mr. Smith's Message beyond "Sarah Jane is dead." The circumstances, the details, what were they? He couldn't think straight. He'd spent so much of his lives interacting with famous people, the details of their lives and their deaths known to him by rote, he'd never been so shocked. He thought of all the friends he had lost in the heat of battle. Their deaths were shocking and saddening but nothing like this. Not so unexpected.
    Out of the corner of his eye, he saw two little red pinpoints that announced K9's presence. There was something more to this loss. He sensed there had to be and as K9 moved toward the door, The Doctor followed. He would find an answer to give him peace.

    Luke sat alone at the graveside. He wasn't alone. not really, but he felt alone. She wasn't there. Never would she be there again. The pain of loss was almost unbearable and tears stung his eyes. He didn't want to cry. Didn't want to look like a child unable to cope with sadness. He wanted to look like an adult today. But he didn't feel like one. He felt like a scared child, who wanted his mummy.
    Soft but determined footsteps sounded behind him and he turned to look. The Doctor marched down the aisle, a strangely coloured flower clasped between his fingers. He stopped in front of the yet open grave and, leaning forward, let the flower drop silently on to the casket. His mouth moved as if he were saying something and Luke strained to hear his words.
    "It's taken care of. Rest in peace, old friend."
    The Doctor stood, started to turn away, hesitated and then said, "Goodbye, my Sarah Jane." his voice cracked a little as he said this. Turning, He looked at Luke. With tears in his eyes, he flashed the boy a rueful smile and ruffled his hair a little before striding silently away.
    He didn't stay, thought Luke, but not with any surprise. He never stays.
    As Luke watched The Doctor leave, he noticed all the friends who had taken the time to be there. Mickey and Martha were there and Jack and dozens of other people who had been touched by Sarah Jane's life and work. And they were all weeping. Even Rani's father's stern countenance was streaked with silent tears. The wellspring bubbled over in Luke's heart and the tears came fast and unhindered. He buried his face in his hands and sobs wracked his body. He felt Rani and Clyde's arms enclose an affectionate circle about him. He wasn't alone. He knew it now. And it was O.K. to be sad. He thought of the tears in The Doctor's eyes and could even fancy his grief a manly one.

    After the funeral, as people stood quietly conversing in Luke and Sarah Jane's house, Luke sat alone in the loft, Mr. Smith open but silent before him. Luke's eyes strayed around the room, drinking in everything. Every picture and artifact was precious to him now, beyond price. He thought about The Doctor.
    I wonder what he meant by 'It's taken care of.' Someday he would ask him. But not today. Not now.
    Sarah Jane wouldn't want him to grieve forever. She had always seen the gleam of a bright future for him. He would do amazing things with his life. But not now. This day wasn't one for brave adventures in space and time. It wasn't a day for looking forward. That was what tomorrow was for. Today was for her for looking back and for reminiscing. For grieving one so well remembered and loved. Today was a day for saying goodbye. And so they did. Each in his or her own way, with honour, gratitude, and love.

    All rights reserved.  Reprinted with permission from author.

  • Episode 23: The Eyes of Rassilon

    11 March 2012 (8:13pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

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    The Eye of Harmony is a strange and curious thing, or things. We attempt to dissect it and interpret what we've read about how it works. Not an easy thing to do. If Rassilon and Omega were engineers here on Earth, we'd all be in big trouble.

    Plus feedback!


    The Whoniverse on The Eye of Harmony

    Episode 23: The Eyes of Rassilon

  • Episode 22: Illness Takes It's Toll

    4 March 2012 (6:40pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

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    Cheryl has called in sick. Since we are a true team effort, this winds up to be a rather short episode. So sorry, but Cheryl should be back next week and we promise a deep, meaningful, crazy episode.

    Matt Smith on Top Gear

    Episode 22: Illness Takes It's Toll

  • Episode 21: Gallifrey One 2012 Review Main Course

    26 February 2012 (9:22pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

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    Gallifrey One Network 23 is over. What did we like? What did we love? What ribbons did we collect? Highlights and fun reviewed within!

    Gally One Review

  • Gallifrey One Review Appitizer (sorry so late)

    24 February 2012 (3:16am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

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    Ack! Sorry this is several days late, but we had technical difficulties posting anything from the hotel down in LA. I (Daisy) just got home in the wee hours this morning. It's all a bit raw, but look at is as guerrilla podcasting.

    We had a wonderful time at Gally this year. Made a lot of new friends and missed a lot of panels that we wanted to see. This mini-episode is just a taste of the review we will be doing in our regularly scheduled time slot.

    Once again, sorry for the delay. I hope to get better equipment for next year.

    A very late mini episode:

  • Episode 20: Pre-Gally Extravaganza

    12 February 2012 (7:38pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Gallifrey One is almost here! In celebration we take a look at the schedule and other happenings and meet-ups at the con. And seeing as how this year we have a 1996 movie cast reunion, we do a brief review and then treat you to our commentary of said movie.

    Warning: we do rabbit chase a bit, but it's all relevant to the subject at hand (as opposed to our usual rabbit chasing).

    Enjoy and see you at Gally!

    Episode 20: Pre-Gally Extravaganza

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