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Two-minute Time Lord

Two-minute Time Lord
Two-minute Time Lord is a commentary podcast about the BBC ' s popular family science fiction program, Doctor Who. We ' ll try to keep this context in mind as we review episodes, comment on the news of the moment, and otherwise pontificate: Doctor Who is not FOR a thirtysomething podcaster. It ' s for that nine-year-old behind the sofa. But his or her mum and dad have been invited along for the ride, as are those of us who were kids when Peter Davison first picked up a cricket bat. And we ' ll keep it to two minutes, because we ' re ALL in a hurry.

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Two-minute Time Lord Statistics
Average Episode Duration:
Longest Episode Duration:
Total Duration of all Episodes:
1 day, 14 hours, 17 minutes and 56 seconds
Earliest Episode:
25 February 2018 (3:15am GMT)
Latest Episode:
25 December 2017 (3:04am GMT)
Average Time Between Episodes:
9 days, 4 hours, 0 minutes and 50 seconds

Two-minute Time Lord Episodes

  • 2MTL 131: SPOILER - Nat from Bridging the Rift Reviews "Vampires of Venice"

    8 May 2010 (8:11pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 4 minutes and 4 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Nat from the excellent Bridging the Rift podcast looks at "Vampires of Venice," comparing it to the other standard-length single episodes we've had thus far in Series 5.

  • Help Luke Run 10K for Charity in a Tom Baker Scarf

    7 May 2010 (1:07am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 3 minutes and 45 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Help Luke Harrison raise funds for worthy charities by supporting him in his 10K run. You can MAKE him do it in a Tom Baker scarf if you act quickly!

  • 2MTL 130: "Victory of the Daleks" Revisited

    5 May 2010 (12:31am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 3 minutes and 6 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    In a time of GREATEST EPISODES EVAR, "Victory of the Daleks" meekly peeks its eyestalk out and asks the rest of the world, "Remember me? I wasn't that bad!"

    (Big thanks to Mark Goodacre for posting Ross's review in 2MTL #129 while I was away.)

  • 2MTL 129: SPOILERS - Creeping with Armstrong's Ross Reviews "Flesh and Stone"

    1 May 2010 (6:56pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 3 minutes and 18 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Ross from Creeping with Armstrong reviews "Flesh and Stone", episode 5 in the 2010 series of Doctor Who. Guest introduction by Mark Goodacre.

  • 2MTL 128: The Secret to Doctor Who's Success

    30 April 2010 (2:46am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 3 minutes and 39 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    An easy answer to the success of Doctor Who is that it's not limited by genre — and no doubt that's a big part. But even more important is the mystery of the elevenfold man, the Doctor himself. How does that help hold longtime fans who must inevitably say goodbye to "their" Doctor?

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