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two nerdy guys ramble semi-weekly about all things related to geekdom, nerdery, pop-culture, or just things that they find cool

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Geeklectic Statistics
Average Episode Duration:
Longest Episode Duration:
Total Duration of all Episodes:
13 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 10 seconds
Earliest Episode:
7 February 2013 (12:31am GMT)
Latest Episode:
16 December 2017 (8:17pm GMT)
Average Time Between Episodes:
5 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes and 13 seconds

Geeklectic Episodes

  • Geeklectic: Episode1- King Asshatery

    7 February 2013 (12:31am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 36 minutes and 12 seconds

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    We are 2 Geeks, talking about geeky things that interest us. Nothing more, nothing less. While iTunes is still in the process of reviewing the show, we have decided to give our Facebook and Twitter friends the chance to check it out and give us feed back! This is episode 1 of Geeklectic: We introduce the show and ourselves and go 5 by 5on: 1. Star Wars being bought by Disney 2. Lena Dunham's Girls 3. Why has Stephen never watched Community? 4. Why has Clay never watched The Big Bang Theory? 5. What are we looking forward to? We would LOVE your feedback! by email at smartpenguin78@yahoo.com or on twitter @geeklectic or @smartpenguin78 and follow "friend of the podcast" Will Wheaton @wilw

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