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The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon
Join Toni B. Heath and Joe Heath as they attempt to watch every episode of Classic Who ever made. Ever. In an ongoing project called The Watch-a-thon of Rassilon.


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The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon Statistics
Average Episode Duration:
Longest Episode Duration:
Total Duration of all Episodes:
4 days, 13 hours, 14 minutes and 7 seconds
Earliest Episode:
20 May 2018 (10:12am GMT)
Latest Episode:
9 May 2018 (3:59am GMT)
Average Time Between Episodes:
7 days, 11 hours, 45 minutes and 40 seconds

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon Episodes

  • Episode 5: The Keys of Marinus

    30 April 2015 (4:59am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 22 minutes and 52 seconds

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    Toni and Joe discuss the Keys of Marinus. Toni admits to being so so so wrong about Ian and Barbara and doesn't understand how time works. At least three people die hilariously.

  • Episode 4: Marco Polo

    16 April 2015 (4:59am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes and 41 seconds

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    Joe, Toni, and special guest Ray Friesen watch and discuss the missing serial Marco Polo. Joe has a lot to say about Tegana. Theme song by Vincent E.L.

  • Episode 3: The Edge of Destruction

    2 April 2015 (4:59am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 58 minutes and 57 seconds

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    Toni, Joe and special guest Chris Cherry, watch and discuss the third serial The Edge of Destruction. Things get very silly. Also the show has a theme song now! Thanks to Vincent E.L.

  • Episode 2: The Daleks

    19 March 2015 (4:59am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes and 37 seconds

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    Joe and Toni discuss the mind-numbingly long second serial of Doctor Who, The Daleks. And then almost burn their house down. How are these geniuses even still functioning? Find out in this episode of the Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon.

  • Episode 1: An Unearthly Child

    5 March 2015 (4:59am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 59 minutes and 44 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Toni and Joe start their journey into the magic of Classic Who. Join them as they discuss the first serial, An Unearthly Child, and talk about making fire almost as much as the characters do.

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