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Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast
We are a weekly Doctor Who podcast dedicated to examining the show and sharing our love for it with other Whovians around the globe. We balance between new and classic material ad strive to be accessible to fans regardless of depth of devotion.

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16 May 2018 (6:18pm GMT)
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Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast Episodes

  • Classic Rewatch: The War Machines

    16 June 2016 (12:29pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 52 minutes and 33 seconds

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    Technology is an amazing thing. To think that over the span of little more than 60 years, we've gone from "supercomputers" the size of an office building, to one that can fit in your skinny jeans' pocket, is really incredible when you stop to think about it. Decades ago, the only really powerful processing machines were in the hands of either universities, or the military, and the first thing they thought to do was to harness their collective power by finding some way to link them together, to allow a fuller scope of their reach, and ability, and control, and domain... (Wait. Are we talking about Doctor Who here, or the first Terminator movie? This week, our GPR team foolishly boots up WOTAN to rewatch the Hartnell serial, "The War Machines". With last moments spent with a brainwashed Dodo, and incoming (unexpected) companions Polly and Ben, there's literally terror on the streets of London, as the metal fist-wielding, death-steam belching war machines play havoc with the British populace, at least until an electromagnetic wrestling ring can be constructed around one. Our esteemed First Doctor feels right at home as an impromptu field general, and shows sides of his complex persona we may not witness again until his Third visage is put in play. Seem a little unusual? It certainly is, and we're right in the thick of it to enjoy the highs and the lows of this rather unorthodox classic story.

  • A Day in the Gallifreyan Life

    8 June 2016 (9:24pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes and 51 seconds

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    Ask the average Earthling on the street to describe an advanced alien civilization, and they might very well picture a strange world of odd colors, outlandish architecture, barely recognizable life forms, and cultural behaviors that we may have little hope of comprehending. Ask a Whovian the same, and you'll likely touch on a number of those descriptors with some variance (perhaps a higher percentage of humanoid forms), but more or less in the same vein. Now, go a step further, and ask about the inhabitants of Gallifrey in particular -- on a planetary scale, not just our love-them-and-hate-them Time Lords, but the entire Gallifreyan species. All of a sudden, the areas of culture and society gets a little thin. Why is that? This week, using only the aspects of Gallifrey that were either shown or mentioned in the Doctor Who televised series (classic and new), we try to form a fuller understanding of the Doctor's home planet, and the people that occupy its cities and outlands. Knowing where we've left off at the conclusion of Series 9 and "Hell Bent", odds are good that we're not done learning more about Gallifreyan society, government, and populace. We also discuss the ramifications of learning those new things, and when the sum total may be too much to reveal. News Links: Dallas Convention Proves American Fans WIll Survive the Wilderness Year ...And Then P-Cap and Jenna Conquered Washington DC Not-Quite-Confirmation of Missy in Series 10? Series 10 to Start Principal Shooting Who Turned Down the Role of the Doctor? A Full size LEGO Tardis

  • Classic Rewatch: The Gunslingers

    3 June 2016 (11:56pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 44 minutes and 17 seconds

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    We've been waiting for this for some time, and not for the reasons you might think. This third season classic story, the first set in the United States, and the first of only a few attempts at a "western" theme, has had its share of maligns and put-downs. Well frankly, we think those yella-bellied nay-sayin' so-and-sos are just doin' it wrong. Viewed in the right light, it's a perfectly enjoyable (and at times, outright comedic) romp, and as we discuss, might even be self-aware -- which makes it all the better. This week, we shake the dust from our boots and saddle up to "The Gunslingers", that fateful moment where Doctor Who took on the Tombstone story. Complete with quick draws, jail breaks, and possibly the worst earworm of a theme song ever composed, we spend a little time panning the mud, and find comedy gold. News Links: DW Magazine Releases Issue 500...with Paul Cornell Stickers! From That Issue: Moffat Speaks Up on Diversity John Noble Would Love to Appear on Doctor Who

  • Noel Clarke: Interview from L.I. Who 3

    28 May 2016 (1:31pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 6 minutes and 46 seconds

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    Staying just safely within the bounds of professionalism and good taste, we spend a few minutes chatting and laughing with Noel Clarke, our beloved Mickey Smith, recorded live from the festivities at the third annual Long Island Doctor Who convention.

  • The Ark

    19 May 2016 (4:25pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 39 minutes and 54 seconds

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    What is a person to do when confronted with the end of your planet? Build a giant spaceship, miniaturize your entire species, enslave an alien race, and begin a journey across space that will take millennia of course. This week we revisit the first Doctor story "The Ark." With Steven Taylor and new companion Dodo along, they befriend the ships crew when Dodo's cold becomes an epidemic. There's certainly not anything to worry about with the Monoids though, right? "Uhhhhhhh . . . no?" News Links: Bill's Costume On Limited Display The 12th Doctor's Screwdriver Now Available! Big Finish Releases the Tenth Doctor Adventures

  • Derrick Sherwin: Interview from L.I.Who 3

    12 May 2016 (6:52pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 40 minutes and 48 seconds

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    There are a litany of reasons why Doctor Who script editor and producer Derrick Sherwin was greeted at the Long Island Doctor Who convention last November as the event's Guest of Honor. He was responsible for the addition of U.N.I.T. to the program during the Patrick Troughton era, as well as the introduction of the sonic screwdriver. He was pivotal in the selection of Troughton's successor, the action-ready and audience-charming Jon Pertwee. And he was adept at balancing the need for an entertaining story (for the entire family) as well as a sound and compelling science fiction tale that resonated with the audience of the time. We were indeed honored ourselves to be able to sit with Mr. Sherwin at LI Who 3, and speak with him for a few moments about his exceptional CV within the program in the 1960s. News Links: John Barrowman Stirs Up Captain Jack Rumours...Again Tate and Tennant Discuss Returning with Big Finish Big Finish Renew License for Doctor Who Content Through 2025 Chibnall Considers an American-like "Writers' Room" for Series 11

  • Quotable Companions

    5 May 2016 (11:43pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 37 minutes and 33 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    When you have a program that has spanned the decades as few like Doctor Who have done, and have at times both intentionally and unintentionally replaced actors within the principal cast, you have a rather large set of characters to draw upon for any sort of trivia game you might devise. Take three so-called "fans" of the program, and pit them against each other in attempts to identify which character delivered a single line from a single episode across that five-decade-plus span, and you've got a recipe for a good old fashioned geek slap fight. This week, the GPR trio tests one another on their ability (or complete lack thereof) to identify quotes from companions who have ventured with the Doctor. The winner of this fierce competition gets...well, nothing. Probably a delicious, gourmet, home-cooked pizza, because you know for a fact who ISN'T going to win... News Links: Fathom Events Presents Shakespeare Live in Simulcast with Tennant, Tate and More 'Heaven Sent' Nominated for a Hugo Award A Very Timely Birthday to Jenna Coleman and Russell T. Davies

  • Paul McGann: Interview from L.I. Who 3

    29 April 2016 (1:47am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 19 minutes and 59 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    "He smelled of honey, he always let his tea cool far too long before he drank it, and he let me win at Scrabble...I think." -- Charlie Pollard, on the Eighth Doctor Recorded live from the third Long Island Doctor Who (or L.I. Who 3) convention in November of 2015, we sit down once again with the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann, and discuss the convention circuit, his latest projects with Big Finish, and celebrating his birthday with fans in New York. (Also in this supplemental cast: our reaction to the announcement of the newest Doctor Who companion, Pearl "Bill" Mackie!) Referenced Links: Meet "Bill", Your New Doctor Who Companion Pearl Mackie Nails Her Final Audition with Peter Capaldi

  • Torchwood vs. U.N.I.T.

    15 April 2016 (12:53pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 55 minutes and 39 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    When you think teams that have been developed for the sole purpose of protecting humanity from the countless dangers and unfathomable powers of the collective cosmos, you may think of some spandex-clad superheroes zipping about in all their box office-smashing glory. (Excelsior!) But if you're a Whovian, that leaves you debating between two well-established, well-respected entities: Torchwood; and U.N.I.T. But why do we have two of these organizations? In this week's nearly academic discussion, we look at what we know of Torchwood and U.N.I.T., how they compare and contrast, and hypothesize why they haven't crossed paths more often in Doctor Who canon. (Hint: it probably has something to do with Jack Harkness' libido.) News Links: How Michelle Gomez Reacted to Her BAFTA Nomination Congratulations to Rachel Talalay for Completing the SuperWhoLock Trifecta Titan Releases New Sets of 10th and 12th Doctor Comics

  • Whovian Family Values: Live from (Re)Generation Who

    7 April 2016 (12:10am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 11 minutes and 39 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    We've had discussions here on GPR in the past that touch upon the intersect of Doctor Who and members of the family before. From discussing the moral themes that viewers can take away from the program, to the support and encouragement of young Whovian development, to the idea of introducing adult non-viewers to the show for the first time, a lot of ground has been covered. (We'll set aside humility for a moment, and say that we feel we've done a pretty bang-up job of tackling each.) But there's still one particular Venn Diagram of sorts that brings these all together, and to do that justice, we needed a broader panel of voices, and a public forum to banter for a good solid chunk of time. In the second of our live recordings from the 2016 convention (Re)Generation Who 2 in Maryland, we delve into "Whovian Family Values": parenting as a Doctor Who fan, when and how to expose kids to the program, bringing on significant others and family members into the fandom, and other means of effectively 'sharing the love' with the entire household. We were fortunate to be joined by writer and Whovian-household-headmaster Tai Gooden of Geek and Sundry, Hello Giggles, The Mary Sue, and more), and the delightful father-daughter duo of David Strom and his seven-and-three-quarters daughter (and Dalek in training), Juliet.

  • Doctor's Orders

    29 March 2016 (10:54pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 34 minutes and 20 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    "Run for it, Marty! The Mistress is...sitting in MY SPOT!" We always listen closely when the Doctor shares one of his many pearls of wisdom with us. Perhaps it's because of his gravitas, his gathered millennia of otherworldly experiences, or his commanding presence. Perhaps it's the title -- Doctor. It commands a degree of respect and attention. When the Doctor speaks, we're often compelled to listen. So does that apply to other famed doctors we've come into contact with? Joined by guest game-master Joshua Lou Friedman (of Long Island Who and Gallifrey One convention fame), we play a game of identifying Doctor's quotes -- but not just our beloved Gallifreyan Doctor. We've also included Doc Emmett Brown, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper in the mix. Let the games...begin!

  • Growing Beyond the Screen, Live from (Re)Generation Who

    24 March 2016 (8:26pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 51 minutes and 30 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    At the sophomore outing for the Baltimore-based (Re)Generation Who convention, we were thrilled to have, as we so often do at smaller, more 'intimate' cons, chat at length with the stars, creators, and of course, the fans of the Doctor Who universe. In addition to the casual time spent in mutual enjoyment of our favourite program, we were pleased to moderate a few panels that focused on topics that we have broached on GPR in episodes past, but now had the opportunity to dive deeper, with the added contributions of those in attendance -- both the stars, and their admirers. In this installment, our live panel takes a look at characters who, through extended content both published and recorded, have been more fully developed and realized than their on-screen tenure allowed. Joined by Don Klees of Acorn Media, Ken Deep of Long Island Doctor Who, and the always entertaining veteran Doctor Who writer, John Peel, we look at character growth in examples including the Eighth Doctor, the War Doctor, Romana, Leela, and more. News Links: Christopher Eccleston Gives an Exceptional Interview on Autism Patrick Ness Is Headed to Cardiff..."Class" Is Nearly In Session CBCNews Spotlights One of Our Favourite Whovian Couples

  • Classic Rewatch: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

    18 March 2016 (3:00am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes and 37 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    In 1963, the world was introduced to the alien horrors of the "homicidal trash bins" known as the Daleks. As terrifying as they were to the audience of the time, there may yet have been a sense of separation from this manifestation of evil, as we (through the eyes of the TARDIS team) met them millions of years in the future, on their strange planet of Skaro. When next we find them, however, the dangers of these sinister pepperpots strikes home -- quite literally. Enjoy the time you have, fellow Earthlings, because by the mid 22nd century, we're in for a rough go of it. Turning back to what is possibly Terry Nation's finest script, we look back this week on the second season of William Hartnell's tenure as the Doctor, in "The Dalek Invasion of Earth". We discuss the fascinating construct of the script, the attention paid to supporting cast, the trials and tribulations of the beleaguered prop department, and, of course, the farewell to Carol Ann Ford, as Susan exits (exits? no...gets locked out of) the TARDIS for the last time -- on screen. It's one of our top ten Classic Who stories, and arguably one of the best First Doctor stories overall. Feel otherwise? Well, well, yes indeed, then speak up, my good chap! News Links: Capaldi Discusses The Possibility Of Staying On For Series 11 Capaldi Discusses New Companion Capaldi Calls For More Diversity In Doctor Who Capaldi Draws The Doctors And Proves He's More Of A Fan Than You So Wait, NO Doctor Who On Amazon Prime? AND No DVDs or Blu-Rays From The BBC Shop Tennant And Tate Big Finish Trailer DragonCon Announces Both Amy and Melody Pond The Doctor Who Experience Adds Series 9 Exhibits Last Chance to Jump On Board For ReGeneration Who 2

  • Family Whod

    9 March 2016 (6:22am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes and 2 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    When Whovians are asked to go any length of time without new content, one of two things happen. Either they create fan-made content, prove the fanbase is alive and well, and get the show back from the brink, or they go slightly stir crazy. Guess which category we fall into. This week we stave of delirium with our own take on the old favorite "Family Feud" and determine who has their finger on the pulse of the fandom. News Links: Moffat Discusses The Doctor's Face And Its Connection To Children Of Earth Class Set To Start Filming, With A Special Guest

  • Doctor Swap

    27 February 2016 (3:08pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 16 minutes and 1 second

    Direct Podcast Download

    Have you ever wondered what the first Doctor would have done if he had a companion like Peri? Or how the fifth Doctor would have dealt with the weeping angels? Buckle up, it's time for "Doctor Swap." This week we play a game and imagine what existing Doctor Who stories would be like with a different actor playing the role. It's equal parts hilarious and terrifying. Join us, won't you? News Links: Doctor Who to Have Eight Seasons Streaming on Amazon Prime Joivan Wade Is Ready to Be a Full Time Companion (But Aren't We All?) Matt Smith Tells a Teen Con Attendee Why She Should Watch DW, in Her Own Terms Take Our Game Survey for the Upcoming "Family Who-ed"

  • Live from Gallifrey One: Station 27

    18 February 2016 (1:48pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 12 minutes and 28 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Consider it the family reunion you actually want to attend each year -- we return to the corridors and conference rooms of the Los Angeles Marriott, and the 27th iteration of the Gallifrey One convention. Joined (this time in person!) by Alyssa of Whovian Feminism, we recap our personal highlights of the weekend, console one another on our mutual exhaustion, and revel in all the memories we take with us on our respective travels homeward. From child cosplayers who delighted us, to panels with Whovian fans and celebrities that broadened our minds and warmed our hearts, "Station 27" was every ounce of what we hoped for. And now...we sleep.

  • O Brother, Why Art Thou Evil? (The Time Meddler)

    10 February 2016 (5:16am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 45 minutes and 52 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    What's the first thing you would do if given access to a time machine? If your first answer isn't "exploit temporal dynamics to make myself rich beyond reason" then you're doing it wrong. Other acceptable answers are "muck about in the past to see what outcomes you can create in the future" or "steer world events to my liking because, why the hell not?" This week we explore the classic story "The Time Meddler" and ask ourselves if we'd be more like the Doctor (not likely) or the Monk (very probably). We discuss the introduction of new companions and a very different Doctor from the early days in season one. News Links: Moffat Receives the Order of British Excellence Award

  • Katy Manning: Interview from L.I. Who 3

    4 February 2016 (8:07pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 20 minutes and 7 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    There are those you meet in your lifetime who are unquenchable positivists. There are some who are natural sources of energy. There are others still who are naturally loving, amiable spirits. Then there is Katy Manning: all these things and more. Recorded live from L.I. Who 3, the New York Doctor Who convention in November 2015, the GPR staff sits down for an extended session with the bright, brilliant, and instantly endearing talent who gave us "Jo Grant" from the Pertwee era of Doctor Who.

  • The Keys Of Marinus

    3 February 2016 (9:40pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 50 minutes and 34 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    What is one to do when one's vehicle is locked away by a strange old keeper of an invaluable ancient technological wonder? Clearly, one must heed his demands, and go on a number of convoluted adventures to various locations, seeking the elusive McGuffin. This week, we discuss the first season's classic story, "The Keys of Marinus." Join us as we travel with the Doctor and company all over an alien world, looking for the titular keys in a wholly new type of storytelling for dramatic adventure tales of the day. News Links: New Brigadier Audiobooks, Read by Terry Molloy Capaldi Visits Refugee Camps in Jordan "The Time Meddler" on DVD

  • News Extra: Lost in the Timestream

    28 January 2016 (1:52pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 18 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Already reeling from the weekend's news regarding Moffat's step down, Chibnall's succession and the delay of Series 10 until Spring of 2017, American Whovians were dealt yet another unexpected blow -- the loss of Doctor Who content (both "classic" and post-2005) from the major streaming services Hulu and Netflix. Both. At once. Until further notice. In a supplemental reaction cast, Jay and Keir look at the repercussions of this change on accessibility to the program for one of the largest and rapidly growing viewer segments, and what impact this may have upon trying to cultivate any new viewers over the next year or beyond.

  • Farewell, Mr. Moffat

    27 January 2016 (3:50pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 55 minutes and 33 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    In what was the start of a wild weekend of unexpected news regarding Doctor Who, the BBC released a statement that with the airing of Series 10 of the revived program, six-year head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat would be stepping down from his position, and handing the reins over to Broadchurch showrunner Chris Chibnall. While many were aware that Moffat was actively seeking his successor (odds favoring veterans and insiders like Brian Minchin, among others), the news that it would be happening in one more season was shocking enough. When combined with the notification to the public that, with the exception of a 2016 Christmas special, there would be no new content until Spring of 2017, the story grew from surprise, to shock -- and in many's eyes, upset. The official news release from the BBC regarding Steven Moffat's departure In this unscheduled reaction episode, we look at all the facts given in the BBC statement regarding Moffat's departure, Chibnall's succession, and the Series 10 delay. We try to make some sense of the circumstances, the impact it will have on the program both in content, casting, and audience, and how much we're actually being told about the machinations within the BBC. News Links: Matt Smith Reacts to Moffat's Exit When It Rains, It Pours: US Viewers to Lose Doctor Who on Netflix and Hulu

  • The School That Time Forgot

    21 January 2016 (1:55pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 49 minutes and 42 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Those heady days of youth, when everything was experienced, felt, lived and loved in the present moment, and there was not a care in the world -- or at least, not of this Earth. Who can forget the conversations with friends in the courtyards, the glances cast towards our crushes in the hallways, the explosions and showers of glass and rubble as Daleks burst through the walls of the science lab? Ah, memories. This week, we look at the past, present, and future of the esteemed fictitious educational institution of the Coal Hill Secondary School. From the first scenes of An Unearthly Child in 1963, to the forthcoming spin-off series Class, the campus has been a recurring location for Doctor Who, and a hub of interstellar, and trans-dimensional activity. Of course, it often leads to chaos, destruction, and panic in the streets, but hey -- teenage life is tumultuous by definition, right? News Links: Series 9 Earns the "Golden Tomato" for the Best Reviewed Sci-Fi Series of 2015 P-Cap Is Ready to Appear in "Class", If Someone Would Just Ask No Matter How Bored You Get, Never Photoshop a Tennant-Capaldi Hybrid Find GPR at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles Support GPR on Patreon Order Your Copy of "Keys of Marinus" to Watch with Us!

  • Once More, From The Top

    13 January 2016 (6:21pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 4 minutes and 45 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. Looking fondly back on the vacations of our youth, remembering our first time driving without an adult in the car, thinking back to the television programs that entertained us so completely, so many years ago. Could … Continue reading →

  • The Year of the Woman?

    6 January 2016 (2:27pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 41 minutes and 49 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Series Nine of Doctor Who was, in a word, groundbreaking. The broadcast format changed. The tone shifted dramatically (pun intended, of course). The stories grew in intensity and weight. The performances from both principal and supporting casts expanded exponentially. The … Continue reading →

  • The Husbands of River Song

    30 December 2015 (12:16am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 58 minutes and 45 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    From the very first “Hello Sweetie” to her farewell as a computer ghost in “The Name of the Doctor,” River Song has been a force to be reckoned with. No matter personal opinion, no one can deny Alex Kingston brought … Continue reading →

  • The "Doctor Who Am I?" Documentary Project

    28 December 2015 (11:59pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 18 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    If you’ve attended a Doctor Who themed convention in the United States over the past year, odds are very good that one of the camera crews seen milling about was shooting footage for an upcoming documentary titled, “Doctor Who Am I?”, … Continue reading →

  • Clara Oswald: In Memoriam

    23 December 2015 (7:41pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes and 13 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Back at the close of Series 8, we recorded an episode where we looked at the road traveled thus far with the Impossible Girl, and the changes we were starting to observe with the character. Due in no small part … Continue reading →

  • Series 9 Wrap-Up

    17 December 2015 (8:33pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 53 minutes and 19 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    We asked GPR listeners to describe their reactions to the complete Series 9 in a one-term response, and were given completely valid answers such as “complicated”. Speaking personally? We’d have to add “exhausting” — in the best possible sense. With … Continue reading →

  • Camille Coduri: Interview from L.I. Who 3

    12 December 2015 (2:41pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 6 minutes and 32 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Boisterous, outspoken, welcoming and warm, you can always tell when an actor is playing a role that comes from parts of their own persona — and Rose’s unforgettable mum is no exception. Recorded live from L.I. Who 3, the New … Continue reading →

  • Hell Bent

    10 December 2015 (12:22am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 54 minutes and 49 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Emotions are complicated, often messy human traits — flaws, if you were to ask a Dalek or a Cyberman. They can inspire songs and uplift spirits, motivate heroes and move armies, weaken the stalwart and petrify the proud. We rely on them … Continue reading →

  • Heaven Sent

    3 December 2015 (2:12pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes and 5 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    We are consumers of an entertainment industry bred to define “epics” as large scale, sweeping tales with casts of hundreds if not thousands, panoramic views of parapets, mountain ranges, or the front lines of a battlefield, and soul-baring performances between cinematic greats … Continue reading →

  • Dan Starkey: Interview from L.I. Who 3

    27 November 2015 (1:29pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 7 minutes and 20 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Dan Starkey had a moment to ponder what American television programs his repertoire of characters could make appearances in. Seconds later, he popped up excitedly: “The ‘Big Bang Theory’ would be wonderful. Strax and Sheldon Cooper would clash brilliantly.” He drops … Continue reading →

  • Face The Raven

    24 November 2015 (8:41pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 51 minutes and 52 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    “You. Now, you listen to me. You’re going to be alone now, and you’re very bad at that. You’re going to be furious and you’re going to be sad, but listen to me. Don’t let this change you. No, listen. … Continue reading →

  • Wendy Padbury & Frazer Hines: Interview from L.I. Who 3

    23 November 2015 (3:09pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 10 minutes and 46 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    We refer to them as “The King and Queen of the New York Whovian Convention Circuit”, and they immediately poke at each other over who takes the role of queen. This is the sort of banter and humor that comes … Continue reading →

  • Sleep No More

    21 November 2015 (2:29pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 33 minutes and 25 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    There are moments where the format of a long-running program needs to be shaken up, risks taken, and experiments conducted to see not only how far the limits can be pushed, but how far the audience will travel in that … Continue reading →

  • Live from L.I. Who 3

    19 November 2015 (10:46pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 16 minutes and 4 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    “No changes are permanent / But change is.” Musician Neil Peart’s lyric from ‘Tom Sawyer’ may very well have been speaking of the Doctor Who program, a premise that, since the Troughton era, was built upon the idea of changes … Continue reading →

  • Instant Reaction: Sleep No More

    15 November 2015 (3:35am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 6 minutes and 26 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    We’re live at Long Island Doctor Who tonight, but after watching Episode 9, “Sleep No More” with roughly 1,000 other Whovians in attendance, we wanted to ensure our first thoughts were out there to commiserate…er, share. Yeah. That’s it. SHARE. … Continue reading →

  • The Zygon Inversion

    11 November 2015 (7:05pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes and 48 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    How forever righteous is the spark that ignites the fires of rebellion? Is it always the casting down of shackles that have held back the multitudes, the rise of the oppressed against tyranny, as they realize their strength in numbers and move … Continue reading →

  • The Zygon Invasion

    5 November 2015 (6:37am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 4 minutes and 10 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    All the world’s a stage, and clearly the Zygons are the talent. Masquerading as the majority of the British population, the Zygons have been peacefully living among us. But now, that peace is coming to an end. Can the Doctor … Continue reading →

  • The Woman Who Lived

    28 October 2015 (5:41am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 0 minutes and 32 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    The late journalist Herb Caen once wrote, “The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.” He may have been speaking about the dangers that come with a long career of fame and life the public … Continue reading →

  • The Girl Who Died

    23 October 2015 (4:52am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 44 minutes and 10 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    This week we discuss the comedic romp that was The Girl Who Died

  • Before the Flood

    14 October 2015 (12:19am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes and 8 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    In 1941, esteemed science fiction author Robert Heinlein published a short story titled “By His Bootstraps”. In it, a scholar Mr. Wilson writing a thesis on metaphysics and time travel, is met by individuals claiming to be from the future. After a … Continue reading →

  • Under the Lake

    6 October 2015 (3:19pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes and 28 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

      This week we talk about series 9 episode 3, Under the Lake.

  • The Witch's Familiar

    29 September 2015 (6:23pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 2 minutes and 9 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Just when we thought we had a fuller understanding of our tumultuous 12th Doctor, and had joined him in coming to terms with his identity as a “good man”, a voice rises from the depths to haunt us with questions of ethics, compassion … Continue reading →

  • The Magician's Apprentice

    22 September 2015 (7:07pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 52 minutes and 19 seconds

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    The advisement that “your patience will be rewarded” often sounds like something you’d tell a child who asks repeatedly how much longer they have to wait for a birthday, or allowance, or other anticipation. Why would it be any different for us as … Continue reading →

  • Series 9 Preview

    15 September 2015 (5:21am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 41 minutes and 24 seconds

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      Series 9 is just around the corner and we are filled to bursting with excitement. News Links: Peter Capaldi Directing Veep Series 9 Prologue Steven Moffat Discusses Possible Live And Musical Episodes Of Doctor Who Capaldi Still Thinks He … Continue reading →

  • Hey, it's (that Doctor Who Actor)!

    9 September 2015 (4:53am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 3 minutes and 32 seconds

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    The T.V. comes on, you begin to watch a new show/movie and all of a sudden an unexpected familiar face pulls us out of the action as you enjoy the feelings of excitement and nostalgia. This week we discuss Doctor Who … Continue reading →

  • Comparing Timepieces: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

    2 September 2015 (12:14am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 37 minutes and 36 seconds

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    So, what’s your ideal job? No, not that one. You know, the one you could have if nothing were impossible. Of course…Timelord, naturally. Is it any wonder that a comedic romp through the dangers, pitfalls and ripple-effect repercussions of time … Continue reading →

  • Comparing Timepieces: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    26 August 2015 (8:50pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 52 minutes and 30 seconds

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    There are pivotal moments, singularities if you will, that not only define who we are in the annals of history, but within our own identities. We learn that we are part of a greater purpose, and that our actions — however … Continue reading →

  • Comparing Timepieces: Back to the Future

    18 August 2015 (6:09pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 46 minutes and 2 seconds

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    Exactly 30 years ago, the world was introduced to the McFly family, and the amazing (albeit scattered) mind of Doctor Emmett Brown. From that day forward, the notion of time travel in the American mind would never be the same. But … Continue reading →

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